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Daily Seva in Action

By Sattva Yoga Academy  /  27 May 2021
  Daily Seva in Action 27 May 2021 There is so much activity at Sattva! Every day brings new opportunities...
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In the Flow in Seva

By Sattva Yoga Academy  /  19 May 2021
  In the Flow in Seva 19 May 2021 Thank you all for continued support and messages for Mother India....
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Sangha Supporting Rishikesh

By Sattva Yoga Academy  /  16 May 2021
  SANGHA SUPPORTING RISHIKESH 16 May 2021 Our beloved community in India is facing a great challenge and needs our...
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Bhakti Bhavam

By Sattva Yoga Academy  /  27 April 2021
  Bhakti Bhavam 27 April 2021 Bhakti Bhavam is the newest studio album from Sattva Music! This album was recorded...
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By Sattva Yoga Academy  /  09 April 2021
  THAT IS THIS 9 April 2021 Sattva Yoga Academy is pleased to announce the long-awaited release of Anand Mehrotra’s...
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By Sattva Yoga Academy  /  10 February 2021
  SATTVA FARM INAUGURATION 10 February 2021 We’re really excited about the rapid growth at Sattva Farm. Just look what...
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VOICES OF UNITY from Sattva Yoga Sangha

By Sattva Yoga Academy  /  01 September 2020
  VOICES OF UNITY from Sattva Yoga Sangha 1 September 2020 A Spiritual Community Around the World The global yoga...
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By Sattva Yoga Academy  /  02 April 2020
  SATTVA GLOBAL MEDITATIONS -POWERFUL WAVES OF HEALING – 2 April 2020 Together We Sent Healing Ripples from the Himalayas...
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