Sattva Yoga Academy's Yogic Teaching Philosophy

Sattva Yoga Academy has it’s yogi philosophy weaved into all the teachings, with the aim of creating a diverse group of Yoga Leaders, Visionaries, and Entrepreneurs.

The Ethos of our community is based on Sattva Yoga principles, which promote growth and unity. Sattva, a Sanskrit word meaning Whole, Complete, Truth, and Balance, encapsulates the essence of our philosophy. The Ethos embraces four Sattvic Codes, which serve as a pathway to transformational living. Through these codes, we aim to foster a harmonious and fulfilling way of life within our community.

We prioritize high standards in our graduates, aiming to reflect a distinct quality that stems from their profound consciousness and teaching abilities. We offer continuous support to our students, enabling them to progress in their learning and teaching endeavors. Our training programs emphasize the integration of Sattva Social Responsibility codes, fostering a sense of Yogi Art Living. We encourage teachers to share their class teachings at least once a week in their respective locations. Sattva represents an abundant living movement, promoting a holistic approach to life where students are encouraged to thrive rather than merely survive.

Whole Intelligence

Mastering the Self, and in turn Mastering Life!

  • Embracing aspects of intelligence to develop holistic genius. Focus on the Whole Human Being (Still and Dynamic), (Creative/Abstract and Practical)
  • Combining Self Realization and Self-Actualization (both together)
  • Being Sincere, Humorous, Practical, Grounded, Insightful, Self-Reliant
  • Living with Clarity
  • Combining Self Realization and Self-Actualization (both together)
  • Being well equipped with yogi and lifestyle tools to transcend situations

Balanced Individual/Way Of Life

Rising High, but going Deep!

  • Teachings are vast and inclusive (not just based on a specific ideology, but a dynamic integral holistic practice)
  • ‘Feet firmly placed on the earth, and head rising in the sky’Dapibus ac facilisis in
  • Understanding our own true nature the way of knowing oneself is the foundation for abundance – living a life of refined purpose. Living your Dharma. The purpose is about the inner quest.
  • Sangha – community of like-mined, jewel of compassion, giving back to those who need help. Maintaining our individuality and aloneness, at the same time giving back. Maintaining uniqueness and authenticity.

Complete ‘Being’

Living with Radical Aliveness

  • Blending Joy and Wisdom to be completely present and transcendental
  • Living in Contentment (feeling that you have everything that is needed at the moment – Space & Support)
  • Beautiful, inviting, nurturing, nourishing lifestyles

Truthful Commitment

Becoming Free!

  • Knowing and Tapping into the Authentic Self – this is the best blueprint we can offer into the world.
  • Commitment to your own self – becoming free, living a free life (above all attachments and conflicts), committed to the teachings, living an awakened life (free from all self-imposed and societal limitations)