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The Birthing of Sattva Yoga Academy Global

There has been a huge demand all over the world to receive these unique and authentic teachings and technology coming straight from the source of yoga at Sattva Yoga Academy. Because of this demand, we have now made it accessible for those global sincere seekers to access the Sattva teachings from multiple locations worldwide. The Sattva Trainings will be offered primarily at Sattva Yoga Academy in India, but now they will also be offered through Sattva Yoga Academy Global Centers. These centers have been established by Sattva Master Teachers who have trained specifically to be YTT trainers through Sattva Yoga Academy in India. We want to make sure that these teachings are available and accessible to you in a very systematic and authentic manner. It is our intention to ensure this sacred and powerful content remains without dilution of its inherent wisdom. This opportunity has been created so that you do not have to postpone your evolution. You can study now and come to India whenever it is possible for you! Check below for a location near you!

To live a life of dharma is to live purposefully from one moment to another.

There is no greater way to help transform others than to transform oneself through a Sattva Yoga Academy 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. It really is a training on how to live life in an elegant and radically free way, full of bliss and with the capacity to meet life where she wants to be met.

Only once the student radically transforms oneself, can one hold that container for others to awaken to their highest potential as well.

Being an embodiment of the yogic and evolutionary way of life is what makes Sattva Yoga Academy teachers so unique in a sea of healers, yoga teachers, mentors, and coaches. This training is not about teaching you how to teach. It is about transforming you into your most liberated Self and embodying the wisdom at a soul level. Naturally you will gain all of the skills and tools in these in-depth, in-person modules led by the finest Sattva Yoga Academy Master Teachers who have received ongoing training over the years with Himalayan Master Anand Mehrotra, Yog-Vedantic pioneer and founder of Sattva Yoga Academy in India. Rishikesh, India is the source of this ancient technology, and these teachers hold this vibration and carry it straight to your location, here and now.

This experience will currently take place in 5 different locations around the globe.

Each location is Sattvic in its nature, meaning whole, integrated, and pure. The intention with these global SYA trainings is to make the teachings more accessible to all beings around the world. These teachings are a way of living. A practical guide and systematic science of enlightenment and evolution of consciousness. This practice extends far beyond the mat and infuses all areas and aspects of life. This training is for both: beings who are just beginning a journey into the art and science of yoga and wellness, and for those who are well-versed and trained healers, wellness coaches, health professionals, meditation and breathwork facilitators, spiritual discoverers, and yoga teachers. There is no previous knowledge needed, just a willingness to grow and evolve.

“The heart of existence is longing for you. When will you arrive? Will it ever be now?”
 Anand Mehrotra

What You Will Receive in a Sattva Yoga Academy Global
200-hour YTT Course

The Sattva Yoga Academy 200-hour yoga teacher training is considered by many as the most comprehensive yoga teacher training available anywhere in the world today. It attracts students from around the world and produces authentic, confident, knowledgeable and empowered Yogis. We wanted to make these teachings more available and accessible to you, so Sattva Yoga Academy Global is here to deliver.

  • Exclusive Sattva Yoga Academy manuals distributed only at Sattva Yoga Academy trainings.
  • Live Online Q & A Sessions with Anand Mehrotra, Founder and Pioneer of Sattva Yoga Academy
  • Teachings delivered by teachers that have trained at Sattva Yoga Academy specifically to initiate and facilitate the Sattva Yoga Academy Global Trainings
  • Excursions and nature immersions in local environments.
  • Direct access to Sattva Yoga Academy Global community of like-spirited yogis around the world
  • Full guidance of senior experienced and dedicated faculty
  • A welcome bag of surprise goodies
  • Certification of completion when all requirements have been met. The certificate enables you to register with Yoga Alliance USA as a 200-hour RYT.
  • Continued support through mentorship meetings over the extended time of your training
What time commitment is required from you?

These trainings are 3 Days (long weekend) Bi-Monthly for 5 Months or 5 Days a Month for 6 Months (Check your preferred location for schedule details)

Sattva Yoga Academy’ 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified foundational training studies are the core essentials of a Sattva Yoga life practice and prepare students to be yoga teachers and to live as Masters in all moments of life. Sattva Yoga Teacher Training is about more than learning to teach a class. It is about deeply understanding the teachings so they may be shared with any audience in any setting. You may see a more detailed breakdown of the content to be shared in the 200-hour training here:

Course Layout

Module 1 – Sattva Gyana 1 – Foundational Wisdom of Yoga

Content Includes: Sattva Yoga Academy Teachings, Origins & History of Yoga, Integrated Approach at SYA, Unity of the Paths, Sattva Meditation Technique, Personal Bija Sound Initiation

Module 2 – Sattva Hatha Asana – Part 1 & 2

Content Includes: Foundations, origins, principles and purpose, types of postures, health considerations, principles of alignment and movement, safe and efficient practice, Hatha Posture Breakdowns, Sattva Yoga Anatomy, Sun & Moon Salutations, Intelligent Sequencing.

Module 3 – Sattva Gyana 2 – Yoga of Supreme Wisdom & Understanding

Content Includes: Understanding Self, Mind-Body Connection, Chakras, Koshas, Gunas, Karma, Dharma, Ishtas (Deities).

Module 4 – Sattva Kriya Part 1 – Himalayan Kriya & Kundalini Shakti

Content Includes: Intro to the lineage, source & origin, Wisdom of Kriya, Kundalini Shakti, Kriya Breakdown, Mudras, Bandhas, Breath-based kriyas, practice teaching.

Module 5 – Sattva Mantra

Content Includes: Mantra Wisdom & sound current, Japa Meditation Practice, Mantra Breakdown, Mantra Practice, the Power of Sound Vibration

Module 6 – Sattva Kriya Part 2

Content Includes: Wisdom of Kriya & Mantra, Mantra-based Kriya breakdown, Kriya Sets, practice teaching.

Module 7 – Sattva Prana & Pranayama

Content Includes: Pranayama, Prana Vayus, breathwork sets, practice teaching.

Module 8 – Sattva Class Structure:

Content Includes: creating classes, class settings, teaching styles, your voice as a teacher, how to teach each class structure style, space holding.

Where and when can I take the 200-hour Sattva Yoga Academy Global Yoga Teacher Training?

For more information on the specifics of each location, the Yoga Teacher Training schedule and dates, and teachers that will be facilitating each training, click the links below.

Sattva Italy


Sattva Tuscany is nestled in the hills of Maremma, the wildest area of Tuscany, between Rome and Florence. The center is surrounded by rolling hills and the sounds of nature for a serene escape into the depth of these yogic teachings.

Lead teacher and Founder: Francesca Maria Salerno – Sattva Yoga Roma & Sattva Tuscany Retreat, Italy
For more information on our 200 hour YTT.

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Sattva Australia


Sattva Sanctuary is situated in a quiet rural town, surrounded by the Burringbar Mountain range. It is truly a “retreat” place. It is a place that you can come and retreat to yourself, tuning away from the hectic life that we have designed for ourselves in the modern world. The center has a high vibrational field thanks to the chanting, meditation, and intentional practices that take place here. You will feel peace and serenity the moment that you step through our gates.

Lead teachers and Founders: Ritika Sikka & Eran Niv – Sattva Sanctuary, Byron Bay, Australia

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Sattva Atlanta


LiveURYoga is located in Roswell, GA, a beautiful suburb of Atlanta, GA, near the Chattahoochee River and the Chattahoochee Nature Center, one of Atlanta's favorite local spots to explore nature and more. LiveURYoga is a part of ADeeperCollective, a boutique healing center to support your transformation and growth! Within the center, our intimate space supports 15-20 spots on the mat comfortably, creating the optimal environment to develop, learn and explore our Sattva teachings.

Lead Teacher & Founder: Tracy Jennings-Hill – LiveURYoga, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Sattva California


Sattva California is a premiere learning center for breathwork, meditation and yoga and an oasis for Sattva Sangha in California. Sattva California is home of “Positive Mind Performance Training”, 30 minute classes designed for busy minds and practiced sitting on couches or cushions.  Master Teachers Bajrang and Gabriel are Co-Founders and many Sattva Master Teachers and SYA Graduates teach here. 

Lead Teachers & Founders: Bajrang & Gabriel – Sattva California, Sacramento, California, USA
Please see our Sattva Global Academy 200 hour YTT Training Schedule and more Information about us at

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Sattva Maui


Sita Ma’s Sattva Home Maui is a Yoga School and Healing Center just beneath the mountainside near Haleakala, the dormant volcano whose name means “the house of the sun.” This location truly is a space of healing, enlightenment, and solitude in the north shore jungle climate. The lush abundant grounds, singing birds, and subtle vibration of peace is felt from the moment that you arrive. The lands of Hawaii are sacred, steeped in ritual, and Maui is known as the heart chakra of the world.

Lead Teacher & Founder: Corrin Vecchitto – Sita Ma’s Sattva Home Maui, Hawaii, USA



After finishing the 200-hour Sattva Yoga Academy Global Teacher Training, students receive a certificate from the Sattva Yoga Academy, documenting the hours spent on the course and certifying their eligibility for a yoga teacher license. The certificate is issued by Sattva Yoga Academy and is recognized by Yoga Alliance, a widely recognized and authentic organization in the yogic lifestyle for years.