What travel documents do I need?

You will need a valid passport and, depending on your country of origin, a Visa to enter India. Even though India now offers “Visa on Arrival” Facilities to many Countries, we still highly recommend you get a Visa before you travel.

Recommended websites for obtaining your Visa:

If the Visa application asks you why you are going to India, simply indicate “travel and tourism” as your reason for obtaining a visa. If asked for contact information for the visa, use the following address

Sattva Yoga Retreat.. 

Mohan chatti via Laxmanjhula 

P.O. Jogian PIN 249304

District Pauri Garhwal 

Uttrakhand Himalaya India 

Which Airport do I Fly into?

The best airport to fly into for your International flight is the New Delhi International Airport

How do I get to Sattva, Rishikesh?

There are three options to get to Sattva from New Delhi:

  • Option One is to take a Flight to Dehradun (a Domestic Airport) from the New Delhi International Airport. Upon arrival at the Dehradun Airport, we can arrange a ride for you to be picked up and brought directly to Sattva Retreat. Please email  [email protected]  to arrange your pickup.
  • Option two is to take a train from Delhi to Hardiwar (a neighboring city of Rishikesh). From Hardiwar you can then either take public transportation (such as a bus) or request a pickup from us. Please email   [email protected]  to arrange your pickup.
  • Option three is that Sattva provides a private taxi for you from New Delhi International Airport to the Sattva Retreat. The cost of a private taxi is from US $110 – $150, depending on what car you would like. Please email   [email protected]  to arrange your pickup.

When Should I arrive?

You should plan to arrive no later than the morning of the course start date.

Can I arrive early and stay after?

If you would like to stay longer than the duration of the training, you can arrange this directly with Sattva Retreat. Please email  [email protected]

Can I switch my course dates?

Once you have been officially accepted and have reserved your spot by putting down your deposit, if you need to change your dates due to any unseen circumstances, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Does participation in the training program automatically confer certification as a teacher?

Generally speaking, if the student commits to being present for every class session offered during the course, certification is assured, but If you don’t show up for classes and refuse to do the required work including homework, you might not receive a diploma of certification at the time of graduation.

What is Yoga Alliance?

Yoga Alliance is a professional trade association for the yoga industry started in 1999. It was created as a way to establish nationally recognized standards for yoga teachers and trainings. For more info see  www.yogaalliance.org

Is the Sattva Yoga Academy certified by Yoga Alliance?

Yes, we are a certified, Registered Yoga School (RYS 200, RYS 300, RYS 500, RPYS) by Yoga Alliance and also certified by the Government of India. Your certificate will be valid internationally.

Will I be Qualified to after my completion of the course ?

Yes, most definitely! Not only will you have the credentials, but you’ll have the skills to start teaching creative Sattva vinyasa flow, Sattva journeys, Sattva Kundalini ,hatha, restorative, meditation and yin classes to your community and globally.

How do I register as a teacher once I’ve graduated?

For the Yoga Alliance accreditation, you can go here and follow their instructions:


Is Rishikesh safe?

Even though sometimes India is portrayed by the media as a rough place, we can confirm to you that Rishikesh is one of the safest places in the World. For many years, we have had thousands of students traveling to The Sattva Center from all across the World. These students continue to come back again and again. b Sattva is a home away from home. On top of that, our team at Sattva makes sure that you are absolutely taken care of during your stay and supports you with any and all travel arrangements you may need assistance in.


No vaccines are required for India, however Tetanes, Hepatitus A and Typhoid are recommended. Do some research and see how you feel. 
See here for more info:                                 
It is your responsibility to be aware of any health and safety alerts for the regions you are traveling. Malaria is not a concern if you are only traveling to Delhi and Rishikesh.


Pack lightly. You will need less than you think and there are shops from which to buy clothing and toiletries. Most travel with one suitcase and a small, carry-on backpack that doubles as a pack for outings.


Clothing is modest. Laundry service is available, you can also wash clothes in the sink and hang them to dry. Most wash their undergarments themselves. There is also a washing machine available to use for the students at the Academy for a nominal charge.

Pants for yoga, town, and hiking (all lightweight and airy)

  • Tops for yoga, town, covering, and travel (all lightweight and airy)
  • Scarves to use as covering and warmth
  • Warmer layers (thin fleece, sweatshirt – two warmer layers will be plenty in warmer months, you may wish to also bring a jacket and hat in cooler months)
  • Sleepwear
  • Tennis shoes
  • Sandals and/or flip flops (you may wish to bring a pair of Ugg-like boots if traveling in cooler months)
  • Hat for the sun
  • Sunglasses
  • Bandana
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Swimwear


  • Several packets of travel-sized tissue
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Travel packets of facial/body wipes
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellent
  • Toothpaste, toothbrush, floss
  • Chap stick
  • Shower soap and laundry soap (consider a product that doubles as both)
  • Nail clippers, tweezers, razor
  • Small travel-sized first-aid kit

Medical Supplies

These are only suggestions, please consult your medical provider.

Holistic options:

  • Cardamom seeds for after meals (about 80 pods, aids in digestion)
  • Oregano extract (drops for each bottle of water, antibacterial)
  • Grapefruit seed extract (tablets, antibacterial)
  • Triphala (capsules, aids in digestion)
  • Chinese curing pills (in case of any major stomach concerns)
  • Your usual daily products and supplements

Western options:

  • Chewable Pepto-Bismol, Tums
  • Ibuprofen
  • Broad spectrum antibiotic,
  • Your usual daily products and prescription medications


  • Snacks for plane
  • Snack bars, trail mix, and/or dried fruit for day trips
  • A reusable water bottle to use at Sattva Centre (a safe, purified fresh source of water is available at all times)
  • Other

  • Adapter for electrical outlets
  • Phone and phone charger
  • Camera and camera batteries/charger
  • Watch
  • Journal, pens
  • Travel pillow
  • Yoga mat
  • Spare duffel bag (keep it empty, roll it up in your suitcase, great for filling with souvenirs)

Do the rooms have attached shower?

Yes, all the rooms have a modern attached bathroom with 24 hrs hot running hot and cold water with western toilet.

Do the rooms have Safes?

Yes, all the rooms have an electronic safe when you can keep you passports and other valuables .

Do the rooms have towels?

Yes, you are provided with fresh towels as and when you need them. Still if you want to bring your own towel feel free to do so.

Do all the rooms have views?

All the rooms have huge widows with sweeping views of the mountains, gardens, river and the pool.

Can I request a single room?

As part of the standard tuition you will share a room with one more participant. If you want a single room you can request and depending on availability you will be accommodated.

Can I request a specific roommate?

Yes, if you know another person coming with you on the training , you can both request to be roomed together. And don’t worry we match students with similar backgrounds to share a room.

Are the spa treatments included in the tuition?

There is a full service ayurvedic wellness spa at the centre. The treatments are to be paid for separately by you. If you are taking a Ayurveda therapist course then you will get hands on practice at the centre and that is included in the tuition.

Is the steam room and pool open for us to use?

Yes, the steam room and pool all open for you to use as a participant or a visitor to the Sattva Retreat. You are expected to honour the timings laid down by the management.

Is there cleaning service for the rooms?

Yes, the Sattva retreat has full housekeeping department. Your rooms will be cleaned as per your request and need.

Is there wifi?

Yes, there is free broad band wifi. Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances (like weather etc. ) the wifi maybe out in that case it usually comes back within a day or two.

Is there laundry facility?

Laundry service is available, you can also wash clothes in the sink and hang them to dry. Most wash their undergarments themselves.

Is the food safe?

Yes, the Sattva Retreat has state of the art kitchen with high hygienic standards. Most of the food is grown in our own organic farm and brought to your table! True farm to table cuisine.

How are the meals served?

You will get 3 healthy vegetarian meals everyday. The meals are served in one of the two restaurants in buffet style.

The food at Absolute Sanctuary is homemade, and during you course, you’ll enjoy three buffet-style meals daily. The food is India influenced, but also includes international flavours . Common breakfasts include: fresh tropical fruit, homemade porridge, eggs, toast, juices, coffees, teas, and vegetables. Lunches and dinners are more savory with , curries, vegetables ,soups, salads, brown rice, chapati ,wraps, stir fries etc.

Aside from the meals included in your package, you can always order a la carte juices, smoothies and coconuts at the juice bar, or any extra food items from our restaurant’s healthy organic menu.

What if I'm vegan, gluten intolerant, or have allergies?

Vegan, and gluten free options are available in meals. If you have any specific allergies kindly inform the front desk at the time of your check in.

Is the water safe to drink?

Yes, fresh spring purified (RO) water is available for free around the clock. It is verysafe. Still, If you would like bottled water that is also available on a standard charge.

Are books and materials included in the price of the training?

Exclusive Sattva Yoga Academy Yoga Manuals are included in the price of the training. Your textbooks and recommended readings are not. For Ayurveda courses, the oils and herbs used for practice training are also included.

What subjects do you cover in your curriculum?

Please refer to the course page for which you are interested. There is different curriculum for every course which is listed on the course page. Our courses are very detailed and meticulously designed for the total transformation and preparation of our students. Sattva Yoga Teacher Trainings are considered by many to be the most comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training anywhere in the world.

What is the language of instruction?

The course instruction is in English, and everyone who joins the course speaks English. Some people are native English speakers, but for a lot of participants in the courses English is a second language. Our teaching team and staff are also international, so we welcome people of all levels of language ability, and we are very used to working with people from many different cultures.

Is there homework after the course?

Yes. Coursework/homework is given after the course end date to be submitted to Sattva in order to be eligible to apply to Yoga Alliance and other certifying organizations. Final graduation is dependent upon completion of the coursework/homework. It will include writing descriptions of your personal sadhana, creating and teaching several free classes, doing seva, and submitting responses to contemplative questions. All this will only help you become more confident and sincere as a practitioner and teacher.

I am not sure if I want to teach can I still take the courses?

Sattva Yoga Academy courses are designed for anyone who wants to evolve and live a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Through the Sattva trainings you gain mastery over your self and there-by master your life. So if you are interested in a more meaningful life then these trainings are for you. Many of our participants join just because they want to deepen their understanding of yoga and life. And most of them end up teaching , inspiring and changing lives!

How experienced in yoga do I need to be?

For the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (Level 1), the only prerequisite for our students is that they have an open mind and an appetite for learning and growth. Six months of practice is recommended, though not required.

For 300-hr Training, (Level 2), a 200-hr certification from Sattva Yoga Academy or any other yoga school approved by Yoga Alliance is required.

For MASTER Level Training, the 300-hour training from Sattva Yoga Academy is required with at least 1 year of practice and/or teaching experience.

How do I register?

Once your application is received and accepted , you will be required to pay a the deposit of US $350 . The deposit is applied towards your tuition.

Once your application is received and accepted , you will be required to pay a the deposit of US $350 . The deposit is applied towards your tuition.

What are the options to pay the balance?

There are 3 options to pay the balance

  • You can bank wire the money to our account.
  • Pay on site at the time of arrival by cash or Debit/Credit card
  • Pay online via PayPal by Debit/Credit card (PayPal fee extra).

Are there Scholarships available?

Sattva Yoga offers scholarships to deserving students. There are 1 to 2 scholarships limited to each course. There are certain requirements you would have to fulfill in order to receive the scholarship.

When is the full payment due?

Full payment is due no later then the day of check in to the course.

For any reason if I wish to cancel my registration, do I get the payment made refunded?

All deposits are non-refundable, but can be transferred to other upcoming trainings at Sattva Yoga Academy. The deposit is valid for a lifetime. If you wish to cancel, be sure to notify Sattva [email protected] of your cancelation at least one week before the course start date. Once training is started, no cancellation will be accepted.

Have any question that were not answer ?

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