Bhakti Bhavam

27 April, 2021

Bhakti Bhavam is the newest studio album from Sattva Music! This album was recorded live at Sattva Music Studios at the source of Yoga in the Himalayan foothills. Bhakti Bhavam consists of kirtan chants composed by Maxiji and played by Bhakti Bhavam , the official House Band of Sattva Music.

Bhakti means devotion and Bhavam means coming home into the arms of devotion. In the rehearsal and recording of the album, the theme of “Bhakti Bhav” became a great inspiration directing the flow of the music. The album captures an honest, authentic and devotional atmosphere in the spirit of Bhakti.

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The band members include Uttarakhand natives who are world class musicians. Ravi Kumar, Suraj Sharma, Damodar Chamoli, Setender Kumar and Sachin Purwal are incredible Hindustani Musicians. They bring a rich authenticity to the music as it comes alive.

Songwriter & Composer Maxiji and Lead Master Sattva Yoga Teacher Annemarie Brown share lead vocals. The lead vocals for “Hari Krishna” are by Suraj Sharma.

Recorded by Audio Engineer and Master Sattva Yoga Teacher, Jemina Cox. Bhakti Bhavam has been mixed and mastered by the team at Sattva Yoga Academy’s Sattva Music Studio.