In the Flow in Seva

19 May, 2021

In the flow of the show

Thank you all for continued support and messages for Mother India. At Sattva we are all doing well, committed to being actively engaged in serving and fulfilling all the needs of the hour. In this whole pandemic time, a year and a half, Sattva has been using its own funds to support the different programs.

Now in this time, the Sattva global community has come together and supported. We are very grateful for that. We have raised $50,000 through the online fundraiser. We have been taking food and medical supplies to the neighboring villages. The oxygen concentrators will be distributed as soon as they arrive.

Click here to see Seva in Action

You can check our social media for more updates in videos and pictures if you haven’t seen those yet. We will be posting more. Look for Sattva Yoga Academy on Facebook and Instagram.

We will be continuing the support in the weeks and months to come.