Seva- Devotion in Motion

25 September, 2018

I’ve been contemplating about Seva. A part of Seva is connecting to moving from my heart and serving with grace.

Witnessing my mind as it looks at the “to do” of the day and inquiring —Can each moment arise from my devotion to Love, to existence? Even the things I feel resistance to... can I soften into it and allow what wants to emerge— to emerge??

This is Seva. Devotion in motion.
Seeing that each action, when performed with the intention of serving Love, is devotion. All of our actions can arise from Love and serve Existence.

In the past, my mind would often categorize actions as mundane vs sacred. As I’ve awakened to see the connection of all that is, all my actions have a flavor of sacred— from leading a large group of beings at Sattva Yoga to sweeping the floor. The distinction drops and all that remains is devotion in motion.

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