What is Sattva

08 June, 2017

Sattva is not a physical place, is an experience of deep transformation that cannot be verbalized, that cannot be located in space and time. Sattva was always leading and enlightening my Path, it already existed in the lives of all of us. Sattva is the divine spark that was burning in the soul of all those people that at some point of their earthly existence felt the deep calling of something greater that the mind cannot understand. Sattva was protecting that pre-existing and immortal light within that was seeking the spiritual teachings in their most sincere, authentic and original form. 

Sattva gave me a Master, introduced me to the Practice, allowed me to meet and manifest myself in the light – exploring and transcending the shades. 
Sattva opened me up to a deep connection with the divine that my Soul has always sought for.

One of the most precious things I received from Sattva is silence. Sattva connected me to the wisdom of silence through which music, poetry, beauty, art were slowly revealed to me: it gave me the silence required and indispensable to have access to a pure, conscious, healing and sacred form of Art that I am now ready to share with the world.
 Sattva is constant celebration of life and love, it’s experiencing abundance, it’s sharing, it’s the inexplicable, quick and eternal connection of souls and glances, it’s a family, a gathering of paths that cross with enthusiasm, universal perfection and pure joy in sharing a part of the eternal journey.

Sattva leads you to the Great India, where you have to start dropping everything – opinions and social conditionings under which the true self resides: it’s a sacred, moving and touching process of reunion with your true nature. 
Thanks to Sattva I had the chance to wash my soul everyday in the most sacred river in the world and meeting her water in its purest form during the Pilgrimage to Gangotri and Gaumukh, Jai Maa Ganga source – it hasn’t been about going towards the source, it’s been about coming back to the Source, coming back home. 

I want to live my life as an offering, I want to breath in devotion, I want to live my days as rituals, enjoy this sacred earth that is one big ceremony, one big sancturay, conscious of the fact that this is all here for us to enjoy, to see, to heal, to transcend, to expand.
 It’s incredible what can come from devotion, it’s unthinkable what you can receive just by putting yourself in a state of receptivity.

 And when after a Sattva Yoga Journey with your beloved Master, you are sitting at the foot of Himalaya, dipping your feet in the pure and sacred stream that flows towards the divine Ganga, you see the trees dancing in their wise stillness, all this nature is sparkling in your eyes, you feel the awakened Prana flowing and sizzling underneath your skin reaching and nourishing your entire body, you are celebrating what you just saw, healed and transcended through the practice in the silence of the mind, you hear the birds singing and everything feels incredibly alive; the sun is now high in the sky and it’s warming you softly, caressing your skin, playing and stimulating your energetic body, you feel everything vibrating inside of you - You are eating the freshest and tastiest breakfast and it doesn’t matter anymore who you were before that journey, you already died and reborn, and in that bliss you understand that Now is the only thing that matters and you start to see joy, immense joy, joy even in the pain you had to explore to reach a greater and purer value of joy and you remain in the beauty of silence and you receive, receive, receive. 
In that moment, you acknowledge that there is no other place your soul could be.

This is Sattva, 
It’s a poetry for the soul for those who can silently receive it.


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