15 April, 2015

I have been writing more lately. Reflective writing and storytelling have long been a way I integrate, understand, and share that which is most dear to me. My parents used to encourage me to write a book for my own fulfillment, encouragement spurred on by ribbons I won in school for writing and storytelling contests. My husband asks me if I plan to write a book; he sees how much writing brings me happiness and ease. I posted an original poem on Facebook and people suggested it could be turned into a yoga storybook for kids. I see it, too. I do. This is my first time sharing that in open space, though I and a book have long been linked. I don't know exactly what or when or how. I don't quite know why. I see it and what I see brings joy, and that is enough to keep moving toward what I see. That is a vision, and I trust vision.

Visions provide glimpses into future events that have the possibility of emerging so long as we keep breathing life into them.

Visions are gifts from the divine that runs through each of us. They inspire and guide us. They remind us we are more than people getting through a checklist for the day. They nudge us into the lives we are meant to be living. They hold us up in darker moments when we are rattled by old patterns and aren't sure if anybody is paying attention. They keep us going because there is nowhere else to go except forward and up. Well, okay, there is the option to spiral backward and down, though that is not a direction I look. Forward and up it is.

Do you know what else happens with vision? The mind shows up. Fear shows up. Distraction shows up. Questions about how a vision is going to happen to overtake the beauty of the vision. Maybe you get anxious and start to pull away from the vision. Maybe you decide quitting is easier than proceeding. And on and on until, one day, you reflect and realize you are not living the life you once imagined.

Fortunately, things don't need to get that dire! Meditation is available to bring clarity and to support us in not allowing the mind to defeat vision. With eyes open, we see so many reasons to get confused and to waver. With eyes closed, we are able to see clearly, and that clarity brings focus to how we move with eyes open.

I wish I could say I don't get confused or waver. But...I do. I get spectacularly confused. What I also do is maintain my Sattva Yoga practice. Every day, without exception. I ask myself what I would do if I were not afraid, and head more boldly in that direction. My trust in the practice is stronger than anything that shows up in the mind. Through my practice, my mind settles and vision becomes the only star I see.

What I surrender to most is this: If I saw the vision, it means there is already a timeline in which I am joyfully living the vision. I don't need to know all the information and answers, all I need is to move in the direction of joy. 

So, about that book... I take responsibility to keep writing and see where the words lead. I take responsibility for connecting with wisdom and to grow. At this time I do not know more about the book. Though I can say there is a future where it is already written, and it is wonderful and I am smiling.

Stephen took this picture of me outside our neighborhood Starbucks. Every Saturday and/or Sunday we sit for a couple of hours. He reads while I write or complete Sattva Yoga service. On this day I was writing. Happy!

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