Embracing The Magical Essence of Himalayan Kundalini Yoga

08 June, 2023

The practice of Himalayan Kundalini Yoga is a tool for people to increase their ability to hold, sustain and transmit the increasing energy of Kundalini.

In Hinduism, the form of feminine energy or Shakti is called Kundalini which is located at the base of the spine. Kundalini is derived from the Sanskrit word kundal which means “coiled snake.” It’s the energy we are born with, and Kundalini yoga works to “uncoil the snake” and connect us to this divine energy within us.


Kundalini is the infinite potential of being. Every individual has limitless potential or energy. Kundalini is the experience of God. Not the idea of God, not the expression of God, not the religion of God, but the complete inner experience. Everything that you can visualize or feel is your consciousness which is your Kundalini. Every perception or understanding is Shakti or Kundalini. Activate and access the greater value of that limitless energy that we have through the progress in our life or a better understanding of how our life, mind, soul, and the universe are connected.

Tantra and Kundalini Yoga

Tantra means pure consciousness. In manifesting oneself or the universe, this pure consciousness seems to become divided into two aspects, neither of which can exist without the other. Every aspect requires the other in order to manifest its total nature.

One aspect is Lord Shiva, the masculine form, a peaceful being, and remains identified with his achieved consciousness. Shiva is completely static and cannot be the ‘change’.

On the other hand, Goddess Shakti, is a feminine form, a dynamic, energetic, and creative entity. Shakti is considered the greatest Mother of the universe, as everything is possible and is formed out of her.

The feminine aspect is called Kundalini which is also present in humans. Since we also possess the two aspects, every part of our body can be replenished or rejuvenated by Tantric Kundalini. At the base of the spinal cord, rests the energy that we all require to manifest ourselves. 

Channelising Energy through Yoga and Tantra

The cosmic energy is said to awaken and make its way down through the centers, and especially the chakras that lie along the spine as consciousness values. The crown or the head, is Shiva which in turn meets the Kundalini or Shakti to make the purest form of consciousness called as Shiva-Shakti. Unity is what is to be achieved here and that is when we can attain peace in the most rightful manner. 

By this union, the disciple is said to attain liberation, the unique experience: and the void of communication between the disciple and the universe is also filled here. After all these, the energy is said to rest back at the spine.

Chakras are different points or astral tubes through which is the path for energy, from Muladhara, the base of consciousness - Shakti to Sahasrara, the highest point - Shiva.

The best way to activate Chakras along the course of the body is by performing Kundalini Yoga.

The ancient yoga practice of kundalini yoga is achieved through chanting, singing, and being lost in the peaceful techniques of Yoga. It awakens the spiritual energy within.

Peaceful Components of the Kundalini Yoga

We can break down Kundalini Yoga into the following components:

  • Chanting.  Before we begin, we start with a Mantra or chant which can calm the nerves and prepare us with all knowledge we have, to channel the energy better. Chanting the mantra three times before performing the Yoga is the rule.
  • Pranayama. Pranayama is an action of controlling the energy of life. Controlling one’s breath in turn symbolizes Pranayama. The timing, frequency, and the holding of the breath are the main aspects of the Pranayama.
  • Kriya. A sequence of postures, pranayama, mudras, sounds, and meditation all in one alignment filling the void is called Kriya.
  • Relaxation. To maximize the effects of Kriya on the body, relaxation or submitting oneself to calmness and tranquility.
  • Meditation. Contemplate oneself into the characteristics of Kundalini Yoga.
  • Closing chant. Chanting the mantra at the end also aligns the body with the energy.

A sequence of postures, pranayama, mudras, sounds, and meditation all in one alignment filling the void is called Kriya or ‘Action’. Different kinds of kriya are practiced in Kundalini yoga, each kriya has very specific instructions, to focus on one particular result. 

For example, the amount of time to hold each pose, point of eye contact, and way of breathing would make a lot of difference if altered. The practice of kriya is a tool for people to increase their ability to hold and sustain the increasing energy of Kundalini. 

Why Kriya Yoga?

Kriya yoga is a powerful activity that helps disciples or practitioners to work or interact with their energies directly. Kriyas no wonder are quite helpful but not necessarily easy tasks. Some kriyas need a lot of preparation before practicing and also require integration later. This is the reason why it is essential to find an experienced and knowledgeable kriya yoga guru to show you the path of enlightenment that can be attained through this ancient yogic practice of kundalini yoga.

If you want a guided experience in Kundalini Yoga, then Sattva Academy in Rishikesh should be your best call. Without the guidance of a trainer or a guru, complications of mishandling or experiencing and containing Kundalini energy, the body will be unable to handle the intensity of this energy. Many Kriya Yoga  include mudras (hand gestures or configurations of the body) and require knowledge of the bandhas (energy locks). It requires proper training to learn and practice many Kriyas. A trained Yoga teacher will guide you, introduce to you and teach you how to handle your Kundalini and the energy within you. 

Spirituality via Kundalini Yoga and how learning it from the Himalayas is important?

Otherwise, one should know the consequences of the same. The awakening of the Kundalini or spiritualism in one can drastically change the meaning of one’s life, hereby rewarding it with peace and tranquility.  Spontaneous experiences can overwhelm a practitioner hence, it is important to trust a Yoga teacher to do it. You can easily take the fruitful guidance of the Yoga Guru at the Sattva Yoga Academy. 

A particular kriya can target a specific body part or organ, such as the intestines, liver, spinal column, etc. Preparing the body through kriya practice for the greater energy that will be experienced helps to deal with any health issues that may arise. 

The Himalayan Kundalini Yoga and Sattva Yoga Academy

We invite you to   explore the power and mysticism of the Himalayan region at Sattva Yoga Academy. These Shivalik Mountains are the keepers and instigators of ancient wisdom, picked up by great yogic masters and shared from guru to disciple for generations. Himalayan kundalini yoga is one of these flows of wisdom and is a formidable branch of yoga that has been practiced and taught on these grounds for ages.  Since The Himalayas are known to be the origin of Yoga, it will be an aid to reach salvation. Yoga in the mountains offers the cleanest air and serenity required to clean and clear your mind.

The energy of the Himalayas and the foothills alongside the Ganga inspire stillness and deep contemplation, which is enough to inspire oneself to communicate with nature or the universe. Through deep silence, we have known that the rishis and great yogis received the wisdom that helped them achieve ever-increasing states of peace and bliss. The quiet and serene scene of the Himalayas provides the ideal environment for meditation. 

The calm atmospheres there shielded from the hustle-bustle of savage city life provide yogis with an opportunity to embark on a self-exploratory and transforming journey. Such awe-inspiring nature’s beauty and serenity provide an automatic source of inspiration for yoga and meditation. The air is plentiful with higher oxygen concentration, helping our body and mind to be purified and revitalized. The tranquility of this area makes it the ideal location for meditation, with scenic views and no distractions. Sattva Yoga Academy offers guests yoga lessons taught by highly acclaimed and experienced yogis who know their craft, with the backdrop of mountains and rich oxygen.

Himalayan kundalini yoga is one such way that increases our access to our inherent power to work with, balance, and optimize our own energy. Learn and practice Himalayan kundalini yoga and become more and more aware and in touch with the flow of energy within and without. Expand your boundaries, strengthen and cleanse your energetic field, and tap into the flow state through Himalayan kundalini yoga.

  • Himalayan kundalini yoga offers you an opportunity to reconnect to your true self and explore the infinite potential of being. The Himalayan kundalini yoga techniques are unbelievably powerful energetic practices that invoke a strong flow of energy from your system.
  • Himalayan kundalini yoga initiates you into time-tested techniques that serve as a catalyst for your personal development. Himalayan kundalini yoga is designed to open up the energetic pathways in the body and increase the flow of prana or life-force energy. Kundalini yoga generates a charge that helps you break through any self-limitations, releases bio-cellular memory, and deeply strengthens your aura. Come learn, practice, and feel radiant!
  • Do you want to experience reasonless bliss? Do you want to feel at the top of your game? Do you want to learn how to increase your energy and vitality? Do you want to feel lighter, expansive, and a beacon of light to others? Himalayan kundalini yoga is a direct path to those experiences! Study these ancient Himalayan techniques and tap into the infinite potential of being!