Exploring The Ancient Wisdom Of Vedic Knowledge: Insights From The Himalayan Yogic Tradition

21 February, 2023

Vedic knowledge refers to the body of ancient Indian wisdom and tradition that is recorded in the Vedas, the sacred scriptures of the Himalayan Yogic tradition. Thousands of years ago, Spiritual Masters and Rishis of the yogic tradition recorded their perceptions, their wisdom, in these texts of antiquity. They Vedas are voluminous and are some of the oldest writings that have come through the human civilization. Spiritual masters and rishis recorded their experiences, perceptions and insights in these oldest texts of the spiritual heritage of humanity. 

Vedic knowledge is at the core of the Yog-Vedantic philosophy and spirituality, and has had a profound impact on Indian culture and society. The Vedic knowledge is a rich source of ancient wisdom studied by seekers in their pursuit of growth and evolution. The Vedas are still studied and revered by scholars and spiritual seekers today. However, one must realise that mere scholastic study of these scriptures can be misleading. One must first be educated in a system of thought and have personal experience of the fundamental practices of the system of yogic tradition in order to comprehend the depth of knowledge present in the Vedas and other scriptures of the tradition.  

The oral tradition of any culture always predates the written tradition and so it is with the very complex texts of the Vedas. The oral tradition supports the written tradition and the written tradition supports the oral tradition. The Vedas contain hymns, prayers, and mantras with their specific metres, as well as instructions for performing sacred rituals, techniques for specific practices, and instructions for leading a fulfilled life. The texts constitute the primary reference for philosophical and spiritual teachings of spiritual master Anand Mehrotra , including discussions of the nature of the universe, how to work with the elements, the nature of consciousness, and the meaning of existence.