The trees are glorious

14 June, 2018

How long have you stood here? What have you seen? Such beauty, God. Reach up and out with your strong arms, dear one. Collect the last rays of sunlight, sway your leaves in time with the breeze; playing across skin and bark, rustling hair, dust, leaf; riding the surface of the river.
The stones glisten dimly as the light fades. The river rushes on. The spiders mend their webs across boulders. This night comes soft and slow. Drink it in. Nature's constant dance, at times tranquil, at times fierce.

An all pervading hum, a continuous, unending rhythm. Aummm. I feel it, I see it. This glorious earth and beyond. Expansive and ever renewing. I'm so pleased to be a piece of the mandala. I'm so glad to be here, now, present and aware. I hear my heart. I release the lower mind's hold on me, slowly but surely, I collect back my love, I hear my soul's soft whisper. The light fades and yet the darkness within me dissipates, the cruelty drops away, I look to stillness more and more. Beauty and blessings abound. I still jump, fright, worry.. but the soft voice within me is present. She speaks. She cradles me. She roars, sometimes. I am held, I hold myself, as do the rocks, the earth, the air about me. Such grace, to see and feel.
My sensitivity is such a beautiful gift.

Experiencing deeply and fully, for this is the opportunity to truly live life; to see abundance, and revel in it. It's all about you, in every moment. See it, receive it, bow, cry, laugh. Smile at the glory and magic all about you. Earth is a miracle. You are a miracle. Abundant energy, ever flowing, pushing, pulling, expanding, contracting. No beginning or end. What a joy to be a part of this incredible dance. Wind will always tickle your skin. Each day, the sun will warm your face and the air about you, will rise up to touch mountain tops and trickle down into mossy valleys. The rivers and streams flow, in whatever path they may. Always to the ocean, pulled by the moon.

Every moment is sacred. Be with nature, sit, gazing in awe as you perceive it's pure love. Honour this moment, and every other. There is such beauty everywhere you look. Let gratitude fill you as you receive.

It's beautiful to be alive.


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