The Sun series: Light

09 June, 2018

This morning, in my usual Sattva Retreat breakfast spot by the river, I've been contemplating the Sun, and how magnificent it truly is. There is so much one could talk about - maybe it's life-giving properties, or maybe it's astrological significance or just it's all-around brilliance. In the first of a series of thoughts on the Sun, today I'm reflecting on its light and how it is a metaphor for us to shine our own light.

Each day the Sun rises in the East bringing light and warmth to our beautiful little planet. It asks nothing in return, it expects nothing in return, it requires nothing in return for being what it naturally is. If we too were to adopt the nature of the Sun in shining our own light every day, we would find that, like the Sun, it is our natural state of being. When we allow our inner self to shine through, we illuminate all that is around us and all that is within us. We give light to our dreams and reflect out our true self that often remains hidden within, the world becomes brighter to us because we are brighter to ourselves.

The Sun continues to shine regardless of whether it can be seen from behind clouds, or rainstorms, or any other weather event that would appear to hide it's brilliance. But that light never truly disappears despite the perceived 'reality' that greets our eyes. We too, despite the weather events of our lives that would have us think that our own brilliance has vanished in cloudy times, we should always look up, remember the Sun and to always come back to our natural state - a bright light, shining in the infinite cosmos of being.

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