My Heart and 👣Sole

12 May, 2016

I've been  ✈️traveling at a  🏃high rate of speed for 57 years,

Running from the orphanage, my Korean  👘 🌱roots, my Mother,

Myself, and all my  💔inner fears.

I came to 🇮🇳India for the second time to gain  🔮understanding,

but not knowing why.

"Trust, Evolve, Transcend."

Seek not and you will find.

Learning "The waves of Sattva Yoga",  thru Pranayama, Asana, Kriya, Laya, and Opening the wisdom of Every  🚪Door.

Sunrise 🌄 🙏🏼 Meditation, Warrior  🗣 💨Breath, Khechari  👅Mudra,  👌🏼Mantras, You MUST go  👁inward to mindfully explore.

Gratitude, Blessings, and the  🌎Universe  deliver whether we are ready or NOT,

We relive, repeat, replay our past, until we learn what we need to be  📚taught.

Who knew it would take a deep⚡️ gash to awaken the  🌱roots of my existence and make me feel whole?

To not just  🚧slow me down, but  🚦stop me, and allow me to FIND....

the essence of my  💜heart center in a cut on my left foot's  👣SOLE.


Karen (Kitty) Stinson

Yoga Teacher Training (April 2016)