Let your radiance shine out - A poem by Katherine

21 June, 2018

'It's so nice to not know who you are' said a friend with a smile, after satsang.
You are you, as you are in silence.
You are that silence when your mind is still.
You are not the stories you make up about yourself.
You aren't your definitions of who you are.
You can never explain in words to anyone else, or even to yourself, the true essence of who you are. Any attempt would be a huge undervaluing of your true essence and power.
You are so much more than the tales you tell and the narrative you weave.
You are infinite, the silence within you is so immensely powerful and unafraid.
You at your core, your conscious self, is above all your habits, self-perceived shortcomings, errors of way, and fear. The narrative you play out again and again.
You're more powerful than you've ever truly let yourself be.
Embody that innate strength. Let your radiance shine out. Don't hold it in any longer. You are infinite. You are abundant.
You are light. I am light. We are light.

Author: Katherine

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