Certified Jyotish Training At Sattva Yoga Academy

Jyotish Training Level 1 

Jyotish is one of the supreme sciences coming from the Vedic tradition, it is ‘Vedanga’ meaning the limb of the Veda. Jyotish literally translates as ‘science of light’ and is often referred to as the ‘Eye of the Veda’. Commonly known as ‘Vedic Astrology Training’, it is an integral part of the knowledge contained within the Vedas on the Supreme Self. It helps us to understand our individual expression of this Self as we move through time and space, the material reality. Jyotish is an incredibly powerful tool for you to also gain greater knowledge about the flow of time. This foundation course in Jyotish will help you start your journey into supreme knowledge and at the same will stabilize you in its application.

This spiritual wisdom is supremely scientific and Anand Ji’s teaching method, while spiritual in approach, will also be scientific and systematic. It will emphasize the practical application of Jyotish wisdom to enable you to become a practitioner that can give readings.

There has been an increasing interest in ‘Vedic Astrology Course’ in the Western world. The scientific approach contained in this Vedic spiritual tradition is in direct opposition to the superstition and dogma often found in many modern uses of other astrological systems.

In describing the Certified Jyotish Course, Anand Ji tells us this. “As you study this knowledge, it opens up your mind to this incredible interconnectedness of life. You begin to realize how you can verify this knowledge for yourself in your own life and in the lives of others. The seers, the ancient yogis of the Vedas, all used the spiritual science of Jyotish in their own personal journeys. This is the same knowledge that will be shared in the course. It is highly sacred but it will be taught in a systematic and scientific way, as it would have been when the seers were sharing it with their own students.”

The Jyotish Foundation Course will take place at Sattva Retreat with the option to attend in person or online. Topics will include the Planets, Ishtars, Nakshatras, the Dashas, and more. The course takes a spiritual approach to the science of Jyotish and students will learn how to apply it practically to help people in their lives and on their spiritual path. Completion of the Jyotish Certificate Course will be a requirement for any other Jyotish training level - 2 offered by Sattva Yoga Academy.

Currently, there are no plans to run another Jyotish training Level 1 course, so if you want to attend, apply now! Sincere seekers only.


Learn the Sacred Science of Jyotish as it has been passed on for thousands of years.

This Course Is For You If:

You want to learn from the source.
You are interested in getting authentic, pure teachings without dilution.

What You Will Receive:

Live sessions with Anand Mehrotra, Himalayan Master and Founder of Sattva Yoga Academy.
Access to timeless Yog-Vedantic and Tantric wisdom, straight from the source in the Himalayas.


This supreme course will have limited places available. To be eligible you must have a consistent personal practice. Completion of the Jyotish Foundation Course will be a requirement for any further courses on Jyotish training that may be offered. This course will enable you to be a Jyotish practitioner so you can use the knowledge to give readings and consultations.

The knowledge of Jyotish is highly sacred and this course will be open to sincere seekers only.

Continuing Education

Anand Ji has practiced Jyotish for almost two decades and has given thousands of readings. In order to fully honor the sharing of Jyotish knowledge and wisdom, he has committed himself to supporting your continuing education post completion of the course. As part of the Jyotish Foundation course, you will be connected with Anand Ji Online Jyotish Course(the details of which will be shared) once a month and will last for a period of six months after you have finished the course.

Do not delay. Apply now!


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