Is It Not So?

Is It Not So?

You are the path

I am the path?

The path is you



The path is you.

Not clear.

So hum

So what?

Forget about your story wake up

But why

Am I on the road to nowhere?

Don’t be a victim

Come on inside.

Taking the ride to nowhere?

I cried

Tears of grace

And you said

Let it go

If I followed you would let me ride

Let it all go

On the back.

Let go the stories


Let go the drama


Let go the fear


Stand aside.

Do you comprehend?


What are you waiting for?

The time is now

All you have is time

And all you don’t have is time

Are you aware of that?

But in the real world

Don’t rush to the future it is coming to you



I do not feel charmed to repeat myself

Get out of your head and into the Ganga.

Trust the practice.


There are no rocks in your path

The rocks are the path.

And I am the path?

You are the path.


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