The Importance Of Pranayama In 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh

28 March, 2023

If you go to Rishikesh, India, you will feel a powerful change in your body, mind, and spirit. At Sattva Yoga Academy's 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh you'll learn a lot about improving yourself. This Yoga Alliance Certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India all help you improve your practice, teach you the best yogic techniques, and awaken your energy in all areas of your life, making you more confident, happy, and healthy. You can connect with yoga teachers, scholars, and dedicated yogis in the World's Yoga Capital.


From Group learning to hands-on practice and personal sadhna to properly aligned techniques, you will have the lifetime opportunity to immerse in the art of Yoga deeply. And as a student, you will discover how to individualize and understand the Asana practice regarding your spiritual needs and physical body.

As a mentor, you will have the opportunity to share this yogic journey in a way that is authentic, directional, and clear and makes your voice clearer.

You will gain insights into Yoga and experience as Synergistic coming together of unique souls.

Significance of Pranayama in 2 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

While many mistakenly believe that pranayama is the same as breathing science, the two topics are distinct. Prana is not the breath; rather, it is the subtle energy that each living thing possesses, giving them their superior status in this world. Pranayama is the regulation of this subtle energy. In contrast, breathing is a subtle force that keeps the body, which is made up of five elements, alive.

Understanding the distinction between the science of breathing and the practice of pranayama is crucial for students and yoga teachers. In our school, pranayama is practised, and the science of breathing is discussed in great detail.

  • Week One - In this week's course practice, students learn how the science of breath and pranayama are different and how they relate. This helps them understand what they are doing when they practice. In the Pranayama topic, we talk about this practice in three steps: In the first stage, the body is made stronger to control the Prana, which is done by making the body clean. In this practice, teachers will show how to use special breathing techniques that help clean the pranic body.
  • Week Two - This week, the second stage focuses on practices that help clean the body's Nadis (pranic channels) and move the prana to the channels. This is a very important part of pranayama and is done at the end of the second week.
  • Week Three or Four - After life has grown, the third step is to keep prana steady. This stage focuses on the exercises that move the prana to different parts of the body to stop it from getting stuck. Pranayama is not a new topic; people in India have known it for over 4,000 years. A lot of Yoga texts talk about it. During the time before Buddhism, many texts talked about Pranayam. It's not an easy subject to understand, and you need the right help to learn and understand these old methods.

At the Sattva Yoga Academy, we don't just focus on the exercises or techniques of the practice; we also try to learn about its history. This is very important, especially now when people mix up information on the internet without serious research.

Pranayama is a vital component of the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training . In addition, it is the science of breathing by yogic principles. Every single creature on the planet breathes. It is unchanging. Without it, life on Earth is impossible. However, we overlook this in our daily lives. Every one of us experiences daily obstacles in life. They gradually disrupt the respiratory mechanism. The individual's respiration becomes shallow. Additionally, approaches cause respiratory difficulties later in life. Pranayama Yoga Teacher Training is a fundamental aspect of all yogic practices.