I am known by how I say “yellow”

18 February, 2016

Something very funny is happening…My Italian accent is getting stronger now that I am living in Rishikesh, I believe is for the fact that Indian accent is so close to Italian and as I tune in more with India-vibe I am tuning in also with the way of speaking.

So.. The way I say “yellow” is so funny to the people in the Sattva community and it turned into a joke and occasion for laughing, and actually it makes the work I’m doing with “yellow” easier and lighter.

But what is yellow meaning to me is something more.

Energy, energy! Sun, willing power, power of creating, action, fire, sparkling….joy.

“The joy we can have in awakening Manipura is the joy of being able to decide and do; not decide and think about it, but decide and do.” Freedom.

The joy I am talking about is not the joy intended like happiness, but is the joy that arises in that moment that you realize that life is in your hands.

Pure joy and self-power an intense and ecstatic mix that instantly arises life into an empowered experience.

Yellow (!!) is the symbolic color for Manipura chakra, that is located in the center of the body right under the navel. It is the center of the body, and also the center of Prana, vital energy.

Since I have being working with my sadhana on this particular chakra, I have started to discover so much about it...and about myself.

Working with Manipura energy is a journey into ones will power and freedom from circumstances.  I am observing  this as one of the most challenging part of individual path and spiritual work for each yogi and yogini…

As more we go deeper into self-observation work we can discover how it can be challenging to maintain our true inspired action alive.

There are so many things that can distract us and make us think that our inner intuition is not strong enough.

And this can affect Manipura…

It is such a refined work and takes a lot of discipline and listening, but I have to say that it gets more and more easier as we evolve.

Awakening to this endless power, is a fundamental step to take for walking on the everyday journey of freedom to act and create life as pure expression of self-realization.

This is an essential part of Sattva journey and living.

As more I am discovering and practicing and following the teachings of our Guru and teacher Anandji, I have experienced that when “yellow” energy awakens  and we finally get on our own willing power we can directly experience the endless source of transformation and healing energy.

My journey is becoming a deep journey into myself and day by day I am reconnecting to the Self, awakening and letting go “dust” that had being covering my inner light.

It’s really challenging to put this in words, but as more as I grow and my Manipura gets more shining a deep sense of gratitude also arises for all the amazing people I am sharing this journey with that make me see the funny part that often I forget about.

As I am finishing to write about this I look out of the window and I realize that yellow is only ONE color of the rainbow.

Excited to open myself to much more colorful awakening experience I wish you a day filled with yellow.

For today it’s all… from Sattva Rishikesh.

In pure joy,


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