A hike into the forest, our morning journey.

28 June, 2018

Magic in the mountains.
Rivers flow into each other.
Sunlight glimmers through leaves.
Birds sing, take flight, coloured feathers on the breeze. rocks, stones, boulders. Sheens of silver as fish jump amongst the swirling waters, currents dancing as they flow downhill.
Always to the ocean, by the long road, the indirect; no question, no rush, just flow.
I climb.
I breathe deeply.
Bare feet in dirt, sand; on stone, grass. up, up, down, deep, mud between my toes, sweat on my brow, clothes wet with river water, foot bloodied on sharp stone; my smile wide, my heart bright, beaming. Joy, joy, abundance, light, sound, water, life, connection, harmony.
I explore like a child.
A forest nymph.
Wild Woman.
Crouch on rock.
Jump in pool. Gaze into swirling waters.
I turn stones over in my hands and wonder at their variety, their shapes, colours, patterns.
How old are you?
Pieces of mountain, chipped, washed and tumbled away to smooth. Heavy and sleek in my palm.
I close my eyes and let the sounds fill my consciousness. I feel the swirl of water and air around me. I open my eyes; drink in the colour. See the energy flow; realising I am that.
I also flow with the natural energy of the universe. The sky, the trees. We. One. Nature is I, I am nature.
Interconnected beyond my perception. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.
What grace to be aware.
What joy to see, to feel, to be.


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