"The deeper we go, the higher we rise." Master Anand

26 September, 2018

It's one thing to know something, think it with my mind. Sattva Yoga brings me to experiencing truth in my body and being. Not just as a concept but as a lived experience.

In today's yoga journey, we began with a practice of centering and activating energy in our root chakra. I was connecting to my root, feeling the energy build and expand. As the journey continued, Master Anand brought us into a kriya called Garuda. I had just read of Garuda a few days earlier. Garuda is a great eagle, with an expansive wingspan. He is tasked with flying to the heavens to obtain the soma, sacred elixir, from the gods to help release his mother from a curse that was placed on her.

As I entered this kriya, my arms became wings. I felt my being lift into flight.
A vision arrived of traveling to my daughter who is currently on a study abroad program in Peru. Felt that the usual time/space barriers dissolved as I connected heart to heart with her. It felt a bit like time travel! Amazing!
The concept of truth is that time and space as we usually think if it, is an illusion. It is much more expanded. Today, I experienced that in my practice.

I love Sattva Yoga! In it, I have a full practice, experiencing not just thinking.
Knowing in an embodied way.

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