A Day In The Life Of A Yoga Teacher Trainee In Rishikesh

28 March, 2023

Rishikesh, a small town in the foothills of the Himalayas, is known for its spiritual significance and as a hub for yoga enthusiasts from around the world. Teacher training yoga in Rishikesh

courses have gained immense popularity in recent years, with thousands of people flocking to the town every year to deepen their practice and knowledge of yoga.



The Morning Yoga Practice

A typical day in the life of a yoga teacher trainee in Rishikesh is busy. The day starts early, usually around 5:30 AM, with a wake-up call. Trainees then freshen up and get ready for the day ahead. The morning yoga practice is the most important part of the day, and it usually starts at 6:00 AM. Trainees gather in the yoga shala, a large hall where yoga classes are held, for a two-hour yoga session.         

The morning practice includes pranayama, a breathing exercise, followed by asanas, or yoga postures. The asanas can range from beginner-level to advanced, depending on the course level. The morning practice helps trainees build strength, flexibility, and endurance. It also helps them cultivate a sense of discipline and focus, which are essential qualities for becoming a yoga teacher.

After the morning yoga practice, Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training trainees head to the dining hall for breakfast. The meals served in most yoga schools are vegetarian and include fresh fruits, juices, cereals, and traditional Indian breakfast items like dosa, idli, and upma. Trainees use this time to socialize and connect with their classmates.

The Theory Class

The theory classes begin after breakfast, usually around 9:00 AM. The theory classes cover the philosophy and history of yoga, anatomy, physiology, and teaching methodology. The course instructors have usually experienced yoga teachers who have been teaching for many years. They use a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, discussions, and group activities, to help trainees understand and absorb the course material.

After the theory class, trainees have some free time to rest or explore the town. Rishikesh is a beautiful town, surrounded by hills and the river Ganges. Trainees can explore the local markets, visit the many temples and ashrams, or simply relax and soak in the serene atmosphere.

The Afternoon

The teaching practice is a crucial part of the course, and it usually begins in the afternoon, around 3:00 PM. Trainees are divided into small groups, and each group is assigned a senior teacher as a mentor. The mentor guides the trainees in planning and delivering a yoga class. Trainees take turns teaching each other and receiving feedback from their peers and the mentor. This process helps trainees develop their teaching skills, build confidence, and learn from their mistakes.

The Evening Practice

The evening yoga practice usually starts around 5:00 PM. It is usually a restorative and calming practice that prepares trainees for a good night's sleep. The practice can include meditation, pranayama, and gentle asanas. After the practice, trainees have dinner and some free time to relax and unwind.

The Night 

Trainees are encouraged to spend some time each day reflecting on their practice and studying the course material. This self-study time usually begins after dinner and lasts until 10:00 PM, when lights out are announced. Trainees can use this time to read yoga texts, practice meditation, or simply relax.

The Bottom Line

A Day in the Life of a yoga teacher trainee in Rishikesh is full of learning, practice, and self-reflection. The trainees begin their day with an early morning yoga practice, followed by theory classes and teaching practice. The vegetarian meals, serene atmosphere, and the opportunity to explore the town add to the experience. The course offers a well-rounded approach to yoga education, encompassing the philosophy and history of yoga, anatomy and physiology, teaching methodology, and the opportunity to teach others. 

With a rigorous routine, trainees at Sattva Yoga Academy, the yoga school in Rishikesh develop discipline, focus, and confidence, preparing them to become competent yoga teachers. The journey is challenging but ultimately rewarding, offering an opportunity to deepen one's understanding and practice of yoga. Rishikesh offers a perfect setting for this transformative experience, and it's no surprise that it has become a hub for yoga teacher training courses.