A Bird + A Choice

17 February, 2018

I am here in the Sattva Centre valley outside Rishikesh, home and heart to yoga and to my soul.

Today is the first of 2 days of silence. I have been waiting to take for months. No sound and all sound.Just me in the universe listening for the messages to serve as clues on my the path forward.
The is what I know so far…I really don’t know much (hahaha)….and that a window of opportunity has presented itself for me to cross through and I am going take it - without a plan and without a safety net, and with a great big smile on my face and soul.

And this is where the silence and the bird comes in…after closing my eyes for awhile at the river I slowly opened them.In these moments i always experience remarkable clarity…and today was no different. A beautiful soft brown bird came bopping down the river not far from where I was sitting. She had a beautiful chartreuse breast, a longish tail and legs, and she moved in the most remarkable way. Now I am not sure if birds have knees, but if sure seemed as if this beautiful girl did.It was like she was bending her knees and popping up raising her body rhythmically up and down to the rhythm of the earth. Her path was never straight and she just kept bopping everywhere she went- picking what she wanted to eat or drink and where to land, and getting where she wanted to go. I actually giggled and looked like she was having so much fun.

Ha - love when the universe sends teachers.

So what did I learn from today’s silence:
- fly where you want to go
- dance along the way
- take the opportunity when they present
- stay in rhythm with the universe and whatever needs to work out will

With warmth,

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