SATTVA Master Level Teacher Training

Learn from the Source

Why Go Anywhere Else?

If you have already experienced Teacher Training with Anand Mehrotra live and in person at Sattva Yoga Academy in the Himalayas for 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training, then you know how special it is to learn from a living master.

This teacher training, the first of its kind for Sattva Yoga, is the deep dive into Master Level Teaching. This training goes beyond what any other training program offers in order to develop a community of Master Level Sattva Yoga teachers. This training includes advanced Sattva Yoga asana, kriya, pranayama, meditation, and more. It cultivates a group of devoted, experienced teachers who also hold the mastery required to be great innovators and leaders in their communities.

Participants must have significant teacher training experience prior to taking this training. They must also have a strong foundation in Sattva Yoga practice and teaching.
As such, this training will only be open to those who have completed at least 500 hours of yoga teacher training prior to participation in the Master level teacher training. Participants may have earned their 200-hour yoga teacher training certification from any Yoga Alliance registered yoga school. The student must have earned their 300-hour yoga teacher training certification from Sattva Yoga specifically.

This training includes training with Sattva and at-home practice, community leadership, and service. Participants will receive a certificate upon successful completion and will be able to apply for Yoga Alliance continuing education certification.

Note this is not a 300-hour yoga teacher training program; it is continuing education only.

Registration is by application and selection into the program.

Sattva Yoga is interested in those Sattva Yoga teachers who have demonstrated a commitment to the practice and a passion for serving others through the wisdom of Sattva Yoga.

Sattva Yoga Academy is offering our Master Level Teacher Training ONLINE.
You asked, we listened. The training will also be offered in person along with online platform. Depending on the travel restrictions, when flights have opened, when there is a possibility for you to come here, know that we are open. If you need any documentation from our end, we will deliver it to you.


Get Out of the Waiting Room

Do not postpone your life. Evolution begins now. This is for anyone who is ready to transform further and to be anchored in living enlightenment.

Nothing is more urgent than your own evolution. – Anand

Nothing is more urgent than your own evolution.
– Anand


25th November to 15th December 2020

(Registrations are closed now)



Eligibility – Participation in this course requires completion of 300-hour teacher training with Sattva Yoga.


  • Live and recorded sessions with Anand Mehrotra, Himalayan Master and Founder of Sattva Yoga Academy.
  • Access to timeless Yog-Vedantic and Tantric wisdom, straight from the source in the Himalayas.
  • A brand new manual compiled for Master Teacher Training.
  • Access to all recorded class sessions until 31st March 2021.

When you begin to discover the eternal flow
of power within your Being, you discover you are fearless because you are infinitely capable. That is not an arrogant idea. That idea comes with a deep sense of humility, a deep sense of surrender.

– from This Is That by Anand Mehrotra


  • You want to learn more from the source.
  • You are interested in getting authentic, pure teachings without dilution.
  • You are always committed to learning.
  • You are ready to enliven your teaching.
  • You are genuinely interested in serving the greater whole, in good for all.
  • You want to stay up-to-date with the many initiatives and innovations at Sattva.


Cost: US $2150
Payment plans available
US $500 deposit required to hold a spot

Sattva Yoga
Master Teacher Training
is accessible to you wherever you are.



This training will be delivered via live sessions as well as pre-recorded sessions. All live times will be in India Standard time so you will have to figure out the schedule according to your time zone

A link to access the online classroom will be sent in advance which you will use for all online sessions. Each session will be recorded and uploaded onto the online platform immediately after it ends. You have access to these recordings so you can do the course on your own time if you are unable to join live.

A limited number of scholarships are available please contact [email protected] for more info.