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01 July, 2022

The Sattva Yoga Health Institute offers a variety of courses and retreats to help people learn and practice the ancient yogic secrets for healing, happiness, and spiritual growth. The Academy also offers personal retreats for people who want to go deeper into the practices and study under the guidance of an experienced teacher. The teachers at the Institute have been practicing and teaching the holistic yogic approach to health and wellness for decades, so they are able to offer students a wide variety of options for personal study and practice. The Institute has a variety of courses and retreats that can be taken either onsite or remotely.

Holistic yogic solutions for health and well-being, including the Sattva Yoga Trainings and Modules, and Ayurvedic courses in Rishikesh, India. The Sattva Yoga website offers a variety of additional services and programs to help yogis of all levels further their practice and integrate the teachings into their daily lives. The Sattva Yoga retreats and programs are led by Anand Mehrotra, internationally renowned yoga teacher and Vedic scholar, and are designed to give participants a comprehensive introduction to the holistic yogic approach to health and wellness. In addition to the trainings and courses, the Sattva Yoga website offers personal retreats and immersion programs for those looking to further their practice or

This yogic approach to health and wellness is a fascinating field of study that is constantly evolving. This academy is a lifeline to this rapidly expanding field of study. Through these programs, students are able to gain a foundational understanding of the yogic philosophy and practices, which can then be applied to their individual health and wellness goals. In addition to the trainings, modules, and courses, students are able to engage in personal retreats and immersive experiences, which allow them to deepen their understanding of the yogic approach to health and wellness even further. "