Anand Mehrotra is a spiritual master who has brought together all the original teachings of Himalayan Yoga. Merging the teachings from the Vedic and Tantric traditions, as taught by the ancient masters, he has dedicated his life to honoring the pure knowledge and wisdom of the Himalayas, and to protecting the integrity of the powerful techniques contained in these ancient practices.

Born and raised in the holy city of Rishikesh, recognized as the birthplace of Yoga and as one of the most sacred locations in India, Anand’s childhood experiences and deep desire to connect fully to the divine led to his Self-Realization at a young age. Since then he has taught hundreds of human beings that have been hungry for a spiritual awakening, guiding them towards their own self-liberation, helping them to discover their deepest nature and step into a life of fulfilment and aliveness.

Anand developed Sattva Yoga as a method through which people of all backgrounds, cultures and experiences can discover and embrace their true nature as expressions of the infinite potential of being. It is a practice relevant for the modern times, yet Sattva Yoga is not just simply a practice. It’s a profound journey of personal evolution that, when committed to, will guarantee to transform an individual’s life. It’s an integrated approach that includes powerful techniques of; pranayama, Tantric Kriyas, Kundalini, Vinyasa flows that channel energy, Chi movements and the Sattva Meditation technique. Anand has personally taught these ancient and sacred practices for over a decade in countries across the world, including in the USA, Australia, Europe and New Zealand.

After founding Sattva Yoga he established the Sattva Yoga Academy, which has gone on to become the leading yoga teacher training school in Rishikesh. Those who are unafraid to find answers to questions such as ‘Who am I?’, ‘What is this thing called life’, ‘What is beyond the obvious?, find a welcoming home in his teachings and at the academy. Well-known for his ability to speak directly and honestly, his teachings invite students to recognize and break their self-sabotaging thoughts, patterns and conditioning. Anand guides his students with fearlessness, love and compassion through a deep process of self-revelation, growth and expansion. His passion and commitment to imparting the universal wisdom contained within yoga has inspired a vast number of his students to become teachers, sharing the powerful and unique practices of Sattva Yoga in a growing number of countries across the planet.

His visionary approach to yoga has led to the establishment of The Sattva Summit, a unique annual gathering that explores the nature of consciousness, offers life-changing transformation and celebrates the potential for humanity to live with a radical sense of aliveness, purpose and freedom. He has also launched Sattva Connect, a fresh, innovative online portal for sharing the teachings of yoga. Packed with resources on yogic wisdom, yogic lifestyle, yogic practices and techniques, the portal allows the yogic teachings to be accessible to audiences around the world.

Anand is not just a yoga master, he is a creative explorer of life. He is an author, singer and musician, expressing the yogic teachings through script, poetry and musical instruments including gongs, the hang drum and Indian harmonium. With a strong sense of humor and a deep joy for life, Anand has a great passion for motorcycles and enjoys leading people on journeys into the Himalayas, one of these trips is the feature of the award-winning documentary ‘The Highest Pass’. Always impactful and undoubtedly transformational, these journeys are ‘peak experiences’ that invite participants to break the limitations of their mind to experience themselves as fully alive and fully present to existence.

Anand’s desire to connect and bring people together, to provide an opportunity for growth and evolution, has led him to develop a range of projects both locally and worldwide. As a conscious entrepreneur his companies and charitable initiatives work to inspire, empower and transform lives; they include the Khushi Foundation, Sattva Retreat, Sattva Organic Farm, Sattva Foundation, the Sattva Collection and Yogini Ayurveda.

Yoga, as intended by Anand, is not just a practice, it is an experience of transformation where the individual can step into their highest self to experience pure freedom. His teachings are whole, inclusive and all embracing, developed to meet the challenges of the era in which we live.

Anand Mehrotra cannot be understood in words…he is to be experienced in life. For meeting Anand, is meeting life – in its most dynamic, most compassionate, most blissful expression. It’s an invitation, to open to the magnificent potential of your own true Self.

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