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Who are we within our Practice?

Posted by admin anand on September 26, 2018

The journey of Yoga is from the self to the Self, through the self. What is critical here is who YOU are within that journey and how that influences what YOU bring or put into that journey. Many years ago I had some powerful spiritual experiences and visions. I came
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It’s one thing to know something, think it with my mind. Sattva Yoga brings me to experiencing truth in my body and being. Not just as a concept but as a lived experience. In today’s yoga journey, we began with a practice of centering and activating energy in our root
Aditi devotion in motion

Seva- Devotion in Motion

Posted by admin anand on September 26, 2018

I’ve been contemplating about Seva. A part of Seva is connecting to moving from my heart and serving with grace. Witnessing my mind as it looks at the “to do” of the day and inquiring —Can each moment arise from my devotion to Love, to existence? Even the things I
gangotri expedition sattva teachings

Gangotri Expedition

Posted by admin anand on September 26, 2018

It’s Monday 21st May 4.30am were at the Sattva Retreat reception fiddling with our bags, we’re off on a Pilgrimage – an adventure. It’s 12 days since we completed 300 hour teacher training, and we’re still learning, we’re taking the teachings on the road, up the mountains and too the
Ganga Vashistas Caves

Vashistas Caves

Posted by admin anand on July 9, 2018

At Sattva Yoga retreat deep in the Himalayan Mountains, 30 mins drive along bumpy roads from Rishikesh town, an Idyllic Oasis that feels like a Tropical Narnia. I’ve dreamt of the Deities again, the ones we’ve learned about during the Yoga Teacher Training. I put a quick note in my