Vanessa Curto

Washington, DC

Vanessa brings a deep love of dance and healing movement to her Sattva teaching. Her classesare geared to get your chakras spinning and to impart tips from the masters about how to movethrough life in an anatomically intelligent way. Before coming to the Sattva practice, Vanessa studied Gurdjieff Movements for nearly 15 years, training and performing in Chicago,Santa Fe, Austria and Italy. She also trained with Nana Shineflug, one of the seminal modern dance teachers in Chicago. Vanessa holds an M.F.A. in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has staged three full-length dance theater works: Write on Water, The Book of Tango, and The Circus of Angels. Vanessa is part of the thriving DC Sattva community and when not moving or meditating spends her time writing public health materials for the FDA.