Teachings Himalayan Yogis

The Teachings of the Himalayan Yogis for Full Value Living:
An International Yoga Day & Solstice Online Retreat

June 19th, 20th, and 21st

Join Anand Ji for a 3-day online retreat live from Sattva in the Himalayas as we celebrate International Yoga Day. We will come together to dive deep into the supreme wisdom and yogic technologies that have been passed down from the lineage of the Himalayan Yogis. You will also receive applicable tools to assist you in navigating during this ‘post-pandemic era’.
During this retreat, you will connect further with the wisdom of the Himalayan Yogis, raise your vibration and your consciousness with the Sattva integrated practices,

Teachings of the Himalayan Yogis

We will begin the day with the devotional practice of Aarti by the river, led by Pandits with traditional Vedic Chanting from the Himalayas, followed by Sattva Meditation and a Journey with Anand Ji to stabilize, energize and purify the mind and body. We will then join Anand Ji for daily enriching Satsang, relevant wisdom that continues to support us during these evolutionary times. Our afternoon will continue with a guided kriya practice and an evening to truly support us in deepening in the way of the Yogi through meditation, kirtan and classical Samaveda chanting.

“Be the light in times of darkness.
Self-illuminate, radiate and uplift.
Darkness makes the light even more relevant.”

– Anand Mehrotra

What You will receive

  • 3-day retreat with Anand Ji live from Sattva in the Himalayas
  • Connection with Global Sangha
  • All sessions will be uploaded onto an exclusive online platform to rewatch recordings when it aligns with your time zone
  • 30 additional days of access to the retreat will be available on the online platform until the 21st of July
  • Daily Morning Aarti led by Vedic Pandits
  • Daily Guided Meditation
  • Daily Sattva Journey from the Himalayas with Anand Ji
  • Wisdom Meeting each day with Anand Ji
  • Daily Evening Kriya Practice
  • Live Kirtan and Samaveda Chanting
  • Daily Yagyas
  • Opening Intention Setting Ceremony
  • Closing Ceremony Ritual


Daily Schedule: Day 1

7:30pm IST


Opening Yagya Intention Setting Fire Ceremony & Wisdom Gathering with Anand Ji

Daily Schedule: Day 2




Journey with Anand Ji

Wisdom Talk with Anand Ji

Kriya Set

Evening Meditation

Live Kirtan

Daily Schedule: Day 3




Journey  wih Anand Ji

Wisdom Talk with Anand Ji

Kriya Set

Live Kirtan

Closing Ceremony

This is an offering from Sattva, a gift to you and inclusive of everyone. Nobody will be turned away. There is no fixed price for the event, contribute what you can. You must register in order to attend.

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