Saundarya Lahari

Saundarya Lahari

Anand Ji has announced a special event for Sattva Master Teachers and 300-Hour Graduates.

We will be exploring Saundarya Lahari, the supreme work of Adi Guru Shankaracharya. It is a great teaching to help us live a life of great prosperity and joy.

We will explore both parts of his great work, Ananda Lahari and Saundarya Lahari, collectively called Saundarya Lahari. It is a work of great importance in our tradition and of great insight where Shankara’s brilliance shines in its fullest glory, where you see the living example in his teaching, the integrated state of Shankara, where the teachings of Advaita and Tantra all merge together, as is the true tradition. So for anybody interested in deepening their understanding and knowledge of historical texts, of shastras, this is about the work. We will explore the relevant teachings and then also the relevant techniques that arise within our tradition from this sacred scripture.

Date: 22 August – 17 October 2021

We will meet twice for 2 sessions each Sunday morning and evening

India Time for 9 weeks from 22 August until 17 October 2021.

All sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the
online platform immediately following each session.

As part of this special event, course enrollees will have
lifetime access to all sessions online.

Cost: US $750

US$ 350 required to hold your spot.

Payment plans available


This training will be delivered via live sessions as well as prerecorded sessions. All live times will be in India Standard Time so you will have to figure out the schedule according to your time zone

A link to access the online classroom will be sent in advance which you will use for all online sessions. All recorded sessions will be uploaded for the appropriate class day. Each live session will be recorded and uploaded onto the online platform immediately after it ends. You have access to these recordings so you can do the course on your own time if you are unable to join live.

Yes, Payment plans are available. Please contact [email protected] for more info.

All deposits are non-refundable, but can be transferred to other upcoming trainings. The deposit is valid for a lifetime.