We at Sattva invite you to join us at the Summit of Consciousness hosted by Anandji, Kia and Tommy. After a long time, this will be Anandji’s only outing to the Americas in 2019. It is certain to be an experience that is amazinpg and transcendent.

This will be a phenomenal event of coming together of our communities – Sattva Yoga, Radiant Body Yoga and Recovery 2.0. We are a diverse global community of like-minded people. These past 7 years, Kia and Tommy have been traveling to India to connect with Anand, running their programs at the sublime Sattva Retreat and falling in love with the remarkable community of people who have also been drawn there to learn from Anand. Tommy says that there’s no other way to put it… life has gotten better in every way.  

This Summit Of Consciousness will be an evolutionary and transformational experience. It is designed to support you on your path of discovery and to give you a direct experience of joy.

Come join us for a remarkable experience.
Registration is open now