Sattva Yoga Academy has it’s yogi philosophy weaved into all the teachings, with the aim of creating a diverse group of Yoga Leaders, Visionaries, and Entrepreneurs.

  • This Ethos grows the community as per Sattva Yoga principles:
  • Sattva is a Sanskrit word meaning Whole, Complete, Truth, Balance!
  • These 4 Sattvic Codes are embraced in the Ethos.
  • These 4 Codes are a Path to Transformational Living!

Whole Intelligence

Mastering the Self, and in turn Mastering Life!

  • Embracing aspects of intelligence to develop holistic genius. Focus on the Whole Human Being (Still and Dynamic), (Creative/Abstract and Practical)
  • Combining Self Realization and Self-Actualization (both together)
  • Being Sincere, Humorous, Practical, Grounded, Insightful, Self-Reliant
  • Living with Clarity
  • Combining Self Realization and Self-Actualization (both together)
  • Being well equipped with yogi and lifestyle tools to transcend situations

Balanced Individual/Way Of Life

Rising High, but going Deep!

  • Teachings are vast and inclusive (not just based on a specific ideology, but a dynamic integral holistic practice)
  • ‘Feet firmly placed on the earth, and head rising in the sky’Dapibus ac facilisis in
  • Understanding our own true nature the way of knowing oneself is the foundation for abundance – living a life of refined purpose. Living your Dharma. The purpose is about the inner quest.
  • Sangha – community of like-mined, jewel of compassion, giving back to those who need help. Maintaining our individuality and aloneness, at the same time giving back. Maintaining uniqueness and authenticity.
  • Conscious evolution = Awareness and Action

Complete ‘Being’

Living with Radical Aliveness

  • Blending Joy and Wisdom to be completely present and transcendental
  • Living in Contentment (feeling that you have everything that is needed at the moment – Space & Support)
  • Beautiful, inviting, nurturing, nourishing lifestyles
  • Abundant living by discovering your Inner Mystic!

Truthful Commitment

Becoming Free!

  • Knowing and Tapping into the Authentic Self – this is the best blueprint we can offer into the world.
  • Being truthful of who we are, the truth that can only be experienced at the innermost core. Truth that belongs to no-one but belongs to everyone.
  • Commitment to your own self – becoming free, living a free life (above all attachments and conflicts), committed to the teachings, living an awakened life (free from all self-imposed and societal limitations)

Sattva graduates embrace and live all these qualities in their daily lives given the standards of the teachings as well as practice and self-study.

This is done through:
  • High Standards in the graduates, in order to reflect a certain quality, emanate certain states of consciousness and skill through their teaching.
  • Ongoing support is provided for students, to advance their learning’s and their teachings
  • Sattva Social Responsibility codes of Yogi Living instilled in the trainings
  • Teachers are encouraged to spread the class teachings at least once a week in their locations
  • Sattva is an Abundant Living Movement, where we encourage students to have an abundant way of living, ‘thriving and not only surviving’