This program is created to give you the opportunity to experience the Sattva Yoga practices on the guidance of an expert teacher, and enjoy the rejuvenating atmosphere at the Sattva Retreat Center, tasting the ayurvedic meals, and experience personalized practiced for you. On request it is also possible to reserve Ayurvedic treatments at the Spa, we offer special packages you can directly book once you will arrive.

Here below an example of the schedule.

For groups or retreats longer than one week please ask we will give you the list of the prices.

A Day at Sattva Retreat

  • 6.00 am Morning Puja
  • 6.30 Meditation
  • 7.15 Herbal Tea/Chai
  • 8.00 am Yoga Practice
  • 10.00 am Breakfast
  • Self Study
  • 13.30 Lunch
  • Free afternoon: options suggested: Self Study/Excursions/Hiking/ Time in Nature/ Options of Ayurvedic treatment at the Spa (not included)
  • 17.30 Evening Practices
  • 18.45 Evening Aarti
  • 19.30 Dinner
  • 20.30 Self Meditation
  • 21.30 Bed Time/ Lectures
  • Program Up to 3 to 7 days

      Price per night*
      • Shared 75 US$ + GST tax 18%
      • Single 90 US$ + GST tax 18%
      • Deluxe room $15 extra a night
      • Cottage room $30 extra a night
      • Inclusions
        3 meals a day, room, 2 daily practices, initiation to Sattva Yoga meditation.

        Notes: on arrival, you will meet a sattva yoga teacher that will asset your practice, and inform you on details of the program.

        For more information contact us at [email protected]