Monica Taborda’s journey at Sattva Yoga Academy

Monica Taborda’s journey at Sattva Yoga Academy

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In search of my true Self, I went to India and not really knowing where I was going nor who was going to become my spiritual guide and Master Teacher, I found myself at the Sattva Yoga Centre, in Rishikesh,  where I met the beautiful practice and way of living of Sattva Yoga, founded by Anand Mehrotra.

It was April 2012 when I then became a Sattva Yoga Teacher and since then I have been guiding journeys in the island of Barbados, where I live.

I love how dynamic the Sattva Yoga is, ever changing, ever evolving, all-embracing, the interconnectedness between physical and spiritual, the Oneness, the ever-present love. The combination of the different aspects that makes a Sattva Yoga journey makes the practice so complete and alive and this aliveness is one of my biggest motivators to teach.

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