Master Module


Announcing the Master Modules!!

We are excited to add a new platform to Sattva Yoga Academy. Beginning in the fall of 2019 we will be offering 4 and 8 days Modules focused on sharing advanced wisdom and going deeper certain aspects of the Sattva Teachings. These modules are open to 300hour 500hours and Master Sattva Teachers. It is possible to attend more than one modules in the same session.

The intention for the modules is to initiate Sattva teachers into deeper knowledge and techniques and to provide them with a structured platform that they can effortlessly teach throughout the world. Students will be provided with a course manual that they can teach from upon leaving.

The third Module that we are sharing is “The yogic art of leadership“. 

The fourth module we are offering is “The yogic teachings on Conscious Relating” 

Dasha Mahavidya

In tantra the highest seat of self is the feminine. The DashaMahavidyas represent Kali in her 10 wisdom goddess forms. They challenge us to look deeper and represent different aspects of SELF. The teachings of the DashaMahavidyas are the oldest form of sadhana and are shared as secret teachings within the tantric path. Participants in this course will receive initiation into an advanced personal sadhana for invoking the qualities of the DashaMahavidyas into their lives.

This course will be led by Annemarie Brown, Sattva Yoga Master teacher and senior teacher at Sattva Yoga Academy and Rachel Hunter, Sattva Yoga Master Teacher

Requirements for this course:
To receive the Dasha Mahavidya personal sadhana participants must have a steady mediation and yoga practice for a minimum of one year to take part in this module.

Price: $1000

Dates : February 9 - 14 2020

To become an initiator of this sadhana so you can share with your students you must have completed 300-500 hours of training at Sattva Yoga Academy.

An additional 2 days will be added to the module that will cover initiation techniques.

Price: $1200

Dates : 9 - 16 February 2020

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Module 5 & 6

Single Module: $1000

Double Module: $1500

Dates : November 16 - 23 2021