Lizzy Testimonial

Lizzy Testimonial

The decision to come to Sattva Yoga Academy for the 200 hours YTT was, at the time, just that….a decision. A decision of the mind to choose this Academy over the hundreds of ashrams, studios and academy in Rishikesh. I didn’t realise at the time that by stepping into Sattva, I was actually stepping into Kriya…into Transformational Action.

When you arrive at a point in your life, you are there because all the other points in your life have led you there. Every part of me feels so much gratitude to all the points in my life that led me to Sattva Yoga Academy, because from day one of our three weeks course, an expanding shift of being, joy, consciousness, vibrational energy, and aliveness occured within, and without.

I’ve reflected quite a lot after the course on why and how this level of expansion and openness happened in just three short weeks, and I’ve come to realise it is because Anand not only gives the wisdom to understand the (immeasurable) depths and breadth of Yoga, he also guides you into the experiential understanding of Yoga. Beyond concept, beyond intellect, beyond words on a page or coming out of a mouth. You are brought into what it is to feel Yoga. What it is to feel your consciousness expanding. What it is to feel your energy, your prana, vibrating at a  higher level. What is to move beyond identification with thought and reaction, moving into the witness, the observer…coming into the ‘I’ instead of the ‘I am’.

Through their energy and intention to help expand their students, guiding them to vibrate higher and with more awareness, Anand and his team develop your fire, power, compassion and love simultaneously to reveal the Yoga Leader, not just the teacher. They have created an energy rich space that cultivates the ability within you to to grow and expand. From the (delish!) Sattvic and organic food, to the spacious grounds and peaceful flow of the river running behind the Academy, to the delightfully friendly staff and endless cups of chai…everywhere you turn, look and connect, the energy richness of Sattva surrounds and hugs your soul.

Sattva Yoga Academy changed my life. There is no better way of saying what this journey did for me, and what it continues to do. Whether you are looking to shift within yourself, add to your physical and non-physical understanding of yoga on all levels, or seeking to tune into yourself so that you can tune fully into life; the place, the people and the energy of Sattva Yoga Academy will take you down that path and more.

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