Lizzy Sinatra

Lizzy Sinatra

Denver, Colorado

Before 2014, I was a ‘newbie’ in the yoga world. I did a few classes here and there but didn’t really resonate with any single style. There had to be more – a practice that allowed me to connect to my authentic nature and access deeper layers of consciousness – union with Self, with Divine. After all, yoga is union. In a time where I felt empty and questioned my life’s purpose, I fell to my knees and asked for guidance. The next month, I met Anand at the Hanuman Festival…and the rest is history. Sattva has become more than a
practice – it is my life. And, I’ve realized that I’ll forever be a newbie to yoga, as the evolution of my practice will last my entire lifetime and beyond. I teach free Sattva yoga classes at the Aurora Strong Resilience Center, a healing sanctuary that was created in response to the Aurora theater shooting, funded through Aurora Mental Health Center. I also teach for and am member of the Development Team of A Stronger Cord
(ASC), a program that brings together isolated men to exercise in a safe, supportive community and inspires them to stay committed to a life of recovery.

I founded Health Consciousness LLC in early 2014, a holistic and multifaceted approach to health that integrates the true essence of mind, body and spirit through spiritual coaching
inclusive health mentoring. My vision is for Health Consciousness is to expand into an integrative, holistic center. Last year, I piloted the Health Consciousness Ambassador Program – an afterschool program that brought together public school students to learn stress prevention techniques, culturally appropriate nutrition and physical activity information, and empowered them to have a positive impact on their community by inspiring and encouraging others to do the same. This program is going to be funded and
expanded in summer 2015 to allow students more consistent use of health-related resources at the Anschutz Medical Campus and to learn about health-related careers.Active in the diverse, underserved community in Northwest Aurora, I am a youth mentor through Aurora Youth Options and a Bridges ToCare (B2C) Patient Car Volunteer – a program that aids in reducing emergency room use and inpatient hospitalizations by identifying high utilizing patients and providing intensive services through a local clinic.

I received my Masters in Public Health with concentration in Community and Behavioral Health from the University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical Campus. Currently, I work as Project Coordinator of the Community-Campus Partnership, an initiative that fosters collaborations between the campus and surrounding Aurora community. I am also involved with projects through the Department of Family Medicine as my passion is to bridge the gaps between integrative and conventional medicine and evolve our healthcare system to adopt a preventative, whole-person approach to health and well-being.

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