Is it essential to live in a community?

Is it essential to live in a community?

When you are aligned to your seer you start establishing yourself there; that irrespective of what karmic location you are at, that karmic location can be used for evolutionary purposes.

Irrespective of whether it is a relationship, job, physical challenge, it doesn’t matter what location you are at.
Where the world is at right now we benefit greater from visiting and learning and really deepening our practice at a sacred location and then going out and experimenting with it in the world.

That is how I see it. Now I am not against anything, I am only for awareness. I am not against anything in life, you do whatever you like. I am always for, not against. I am only for awareness. With awareness everything works, with ignorance, nothing works. It doesn’t matter if you live in community or alone.

How I see Sattva’s Community: it’s much more possible now than before. Before we did not have the technology, we did not have the means of communication that we have now. The possibility of a connection is much more. Communication is much more than in other dimensions of reality, which we have experienced in linear time. So this allows the community to be more widespread.

And as people’s consciousness gets more refined collectively then eventually that is the future. The future is people living in communities. Already people are experimenting with it and it’s working in some places. Now you come, learn, get together, and then we go out in the world to do the work and make some change, make a difference. But you return. And then you connect and come together, and then you go out.

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