In line with Anand’s vision for a sustainable conscious yoga community

  • Sattva Yoga Academy is a place for students to expand and refine their teachings.
  • We endeavor to help our students to reach their true potential, allowing them to lead and teach all over the world and be pillars of awakened consciousness.
  • Sattva Yoga Academy develops further the potential of aspirants seeking the next step in their transformational journey, that step of self-empowerment, allowing people to tap into their inner wisdom.
  • We pride ourselves on a quality approach assessing the readiness of a student before issuing their certification. There is a deep focus on the state of consciousness of our participants. We are devoted to bring the most sincere, connected and evolved teachers forward to the world.
  • At Sattva Yoga Academy we provide ongoing support post training. In addition to the support we offer varied continuing education opportunities through which one can keep learning and growing. The continuing education opportunities are offered not only in India but also in USA, Canada, Russia and Europe.
  • Our graduates are unique in that he or she is a master in their own right – inspiring and transforming people through their work, their teachings, and their presence. They are all leaders and at the same time deep part of a growing awakened global community.