Dasha Mahavidyas

Dasha Mahavidyas

by 1371

In tantra the highest seat of Self is the feminine. The Dasha Mahavidyas represent Kali in her 10 Wisdom Goddess forms. They challenge us to look deeper and represent different aspects of Self. The teachings of the Dasha Mahavidyas are the oldest form of sadhana and are shared as secret teachings within the tantric path. Participants in this course will receive initiation into an advanced personal sadhana for invoking the qualities of the Dasha Mahavidyas into their lives.

This training will be led by Annemarie Brown and Rachel Hunter. Anandji will also join us and offer 2 Satsang during this training. 

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Date And Time

13 November, 2023 To 17 November, 2023


In Person

Event Type

Class, Training, or Workshop

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