Ayurveda Training Module 2 – Advanced Applications

Ayurveda Training Module 2 – Advanced Applications

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Module 1 of the Sattva Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant course covers various concepts related to Ayurveda and overall wellness. The module begins with an introduction to the six tastes, namely bitter, astringent, sweet, salty, sour, and pungent, and their significance in maintaining balance and well-being. The course also delves into the importance of nutrition, subdoshas, and the six stages of disease. Students are taught about Purvakarma/Panchakarma, Ayurveda herbology, and Marma therapy. Additionally, they learn how to develop seasonal awareness and offerings, visit the Sattva Organic Farm, and prepare for the practicum. The module comprises 3-5 hours of lectures each day and includes six journeys that involve pranayama, kriya, asana, and meditation to support focus and balance based on the Sattva Yoga Tradition. Furthermore, students engage in a fresh market excursion and hands-on partner work with snehana (oils) and marma therapy. The module lays the groundwork for future modules and expands on the responsibilities and opportunities of being a Sattva Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant. 

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09 May, 2023 To 18 May, 2023


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