Corrin Vecchitto

Finding a yoga teacher training course in India was not on my list of things to do.  I had been slowly introduced with much resistance to the practice of yoga.  After some time of practicing I began to experience subtle shifts within my body, mind, and spirit that were beneficial to my daily life.  My mood was more uplifted, my body felt in balance, and my mind was at ease.  Slowly, I began to go to less therapy sessions and more and more yoga.  As I began to shift, I experienced things in my life that were giving me profound lessons.  Between physical and emotional injuries, I found the healing effects of yoga to be absolutely profound.  I finally signed up for a yoga festival to immerse myself fully in the teachings and practice of yoga from around the world.  It wasn’t something the old me would ever do, especially by myself, but I felt ready to expand my wings and fly.  This is where I met Anand Mehrotra and was introduced to the practice of Sattva Yoga.  The first class that I experienced with him completely blasted my heart open.  I had no idea that it was possible to feel the way I did from a yoga practice.  I had experienced a taste of Unity, of ecstasy, of love, and of pure bliss.  I didn’t even have these words to describe what I had experienced at that moment.  I was speechless and bowed down to the teachings and practice in immense gratitude.  I even went up and thanked Anand with a big hug after the practice.  It was the best gift that anyone could have given me, this one practice.  I realized that happiness and love are right here within my being, not to be sought out externally.  This was a profound realization.

As time passed I began to make yoga a daily ritual and went out of my way to meet more and more people who live a yogic and mindful life.  After I attended the festival for a second time, someone handed me a teacher training flyer for a 200 hour yoga teacher training course in India.  I had already known that India was my next stop for traveling and now the actual destination and purpose of the trip was clear.  Without question, I signed up for this yoga training program.  At the time I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but it seemed very clear that I needed to go to this specific yoga school in Rishikesh, India.  After experiencing the 200 hr yoga certificate program I can truly say that this is the best yoga teacher training program in the world!  This yoga school in India is founded and led by Anand Mehrotra who has been living the practice and life as a yogi since the day he was born.  I am infinitely grateful that this Universe has brought me to such a realized and devoted yoga Master in India.  He truly lives the teachings and serves every day that he is in this body.  The way that he teaches is in alignment to these current times making the wisdom very accessible and relevant.

After my course, I was able to get an accredited yoga certification with Yoga Alliance and begin teaching and sharing this gift of this practice with all who seek it.  My entire life shifted in the most beautiful way.  I approached life with a new lightness of being and joy.  I was more present with every interaction and how my energy was shared with others and spaces that I entered.   I couldn’t wait to return to India and receive my 300 hour yoga teacher training certificate.  I ended up coming back to India four months later for a yoga retreat and then again, in four months for my 300 hr yoga certificate.  The location of the yoga academy is in the lower Himalayas and is the most peaceful sanctuary to experience a training.  It allows you to truly integrate the teachings and heal on a deep level.  If you are searching how to choose a yoga teacher training program, I highly recommend this one.  Every person that I come into contact with since my first training comments on how well I seem.  The glow, the happiness, the compassion, the strength, the ease, the grace, and the wisdom that you gain from devoting yourself to a practice like this one is tremendous.