Ayurvedic Retreats

Ayurvedic Retreats

Healing Packages

(Yoga – the Rishi’s Touch, Rasa – the Ayur Cleanse, Mauna – Sacred moments in Silence, Yogini Shakti Women Getaway, Prakritri – the Nature Cure)

Our Sattva Healing Packages are designed for total rejuvenation, giving your body the opportunity to guide itself back into a natural state of harmony through the focus on Ayurveda, Yoga and connection to nature.

Our packages are available from October through May (excluding panchakarma, which is offered all year) and are designed to suit your needs, with different durations whether it is a weekender (2 nights, 3 days), a week-lull (7nights, 8 days), and deeper zen inward journeys (2-3 weeks). All packages include accommodations, meals, pick up/ drop off on all sightseeing and concierges service during your stay.

Pricing For Packages:

Single occupancy price

  • 03 days: $450
  • 07 days: $945
  • 14 days: $1680
  • 21 days: $2100

Double occupancy price (per person)

  • 03 days: $360
  • 07 days: $770
  • 14 days: $1400
  • 21 days: $1890
Yoga – the Rishi’s Touch

Essence of Yogi Living

This package gives you tools for embracing a yogic way of life, which is about rising with the sun, and settling inward with as dusk prevails. Leave here feeling a deep sense of unity between your mind, body and soul – get to understand Yoga for your Body Type!

Package Inclusions:

  • A Yoga Lifestyle Analysis is done upon arrival
  • Sunrise meditation class, one Sattva Yoga Journey Class, as well as a private yoga session daily to understand your yoga rhythm
  • Learn and take home daily yogi cleansing kivas.
  • Visit, meditate and embrace the stories of the Rishis in the caves where their energy resides (Vashisht, TattvaBaba, JilMil caves).
  • Access to books in the Sattva Library to deepen your understanding.
  • Enrich yourself with a wisdom talk on Yoga Philosophy from all the different texts, and making it relevant to modern living.
  • Daily Fruit and Nut Platter in the Room
  • Yogic Oats, Grains and Cereal Infusions, and Vedic Breakfast options
  • Yogi Herbal Infusions in the Room Daily
  • 1 Khitchdi+Organic Salad per day, and a 3 course Vedic Meal in the evening
Rasa – the Ayur Cleanse

Allow yourself to Rejuvenate

This package is about taking a break from your busy lifestyle, balancing your Ojas and Tejas, allowing yourself to immerse in the ayurveda spa-world in supporting you returning to your radiance. Allow the healing elements at Sattva to provide you with optimal rest through the stillness and the nourishing environment around. This is a rejuvenation package to harmonize your mind, body and soul with the healing elements around. This package can be 3-14 days in length.

Package Inclusions:

  • Ayurvedic Wellness Consult upon arrival, and customized wellness and eating plan focused to balance and restore the body.
  • Daily Sattva Yoga Journey and Meditation Class ( Sattva Yoga Therapy sets focus on Rejuvenation & Radiance),
  • Wellness ayurveda and rasayana lifestyle talk including an understanding of your acid/alkaline balance, session with Vaidhya on mixing herb potions for body type, 1
  • Guided Nature Walks
  • 2 Ayurvedic Treatments a day (one full body and one short hand, feet or beauty),
  • Mindful meditation at a temple/ashram.
  • Green Cleanse Smoothie twice per day
  • Nourishing Vedic/Western Breakfast
  • 2 full-course Vedic Meals per day
  • 1 Himalayan Lemon-Ginger Honey Soother in the evening
Mauna – Sacred moments in Silence (3 days)

A focus on connecting to the Self

This is a 3-day silence package, for you to zen within, experience true harmony and reconnect with Self

Package Inclusions:

  • Upon arrival, get an astrology assessment on picking a mala for your specific meditation connection.
  • Light Vedic meals & soups
  • Daily meditation techniques, along anapana and vipasana,
  • Daily gentle yoga body (seated postures) and mudra work
  • Guided silent nature walks
  • Ganga meditation on a quiet beach enclave
  • Private Yagna (letting-go ceremony)
  • Sattva Yoga Therapy teachings on Mudras to connect with the body intelligence within.
  • Japa mala and mantra as for your mind-body needs
  • One day of fasting is required on this retreat
Yogini Shakti Women Getaway

A focus on harnessing the Goddess Within (3-7 days)

A women only package to reconnect with the yogic feminine principles within and around. The Sattva provides a safe nourishing environment for women to rejuvenate and expand. Our concierge is here to support and fulfill all of your needs during each moment of your Shakti Goddess Journey.

Package Inclusions:

  • Daily Meditation and Sattva Yoga Therapy Sets focusing on invoking the Nine Goddesses
  • Wisdom talk on the balance of Shiv/Shakti
  • 2 Goddess Temple Visits
  • Creative lifestyle ritual workshops (painting, mandala making, yantra design, etc.)
  • Guided Shopping Goddess Journey is included.
  • Private Yagna letting go ceremony
  • 3 Vedic meals daily
  • Herbal floral infusions in the room
Prakritri – the Nature Cure

A focus on Self-Care & Breath-Work (3 days)

Balance yourself with the rhythms of nature, connect with the beauty within.

Package Inclusions:

  • Daily walks and meditations to temples and villages through the forest enclave
  • Daily Sattva Journey Yoga Class
  • Foot and hand ayur reflexology every 2nd day, as well as ayurveda beauty treatments.
  • Deepen your understanding of your Breath through the Sattva Yoga Therapy Pranayama Series.
  • Lifestyle rituals to take home, a workshop and technique on how to do self-abhygyanga (massage), and personalized pranayama techniques.
  • Understand Pranic Intelligence and how we are aligned with Nature though a Sattva Wisdom Talk.
  • 3 Full Course Vedic Meals (seasonal eating)
  • Visit to the Sattva Organic Farm to collect produce and work in the fields
  • Vedic Cooking Day with our Wellness Kitchen Staff
  • Dip and Heal in the fresh spring water lagoons around the areas (hydrotherapy in nature)
Panchakarma – Purification Detox Package

A focus on cleansing the Gut (recommended 7-21days)

This is an integral body purification treatment program to balance your constitution (doshas), for detoxification of mind and body. We incorporate modern aspects of alkaline eating to make your ayurvedic lifestyle sustainable when you leave.

Pricing For Packages:

  • 7 days: $980
  • 14 days: $1750
  • 21 days: $2520

Package Inclusions:

  • Pulse diagnosis and lifestyle assessment from the Ayurvedic Vaidya.
  • A detailed ayurvedic treatment plan will be prepared for your stay (which includes in the ghee cleanses and internal and external oleanation).
  • Sattva Yoga Therapy classes focused on Navel Adjustment, Gut Cleansing & Detoxification Kriyas.
  • Enrich your mind with a wisdom talk on deeper psycho-spiritual effects of Panchakarma for elevating your consciousness.
  • Guided nature walks and visiting villages and quaint village shrines are included to ensure balancing of your constitution.
  • 3 customized tridoshic meals prepared as per the advise of the ayurvedic centre
  • Herbal drink potion per day in your room
  • Soaked fruits & almonds overnight for a fiber boost
  • Triphala/Psyllium Husk Boost every 3rd Day (based on your dosha analysis)