Alexander’s testimonial

Alexander’s testimonial

Alexander’s Testimonial is basically about his experience of being part of a Sattva Yoga teacher training is like none other, something he could at least say that about himself.

I came here not knowing a thing about yoga but had practiced meditation for a few years, so when asked to come to India for a yoga teacher training naturally I resisted. The universe, on the other hand, had bigger plans for me.

I came to the 200-hour teacher training in April 2015 with no expectations, a deep sense of longing for personal growth, and a readiness receive all that was potentially going to be offered. As Anand shared with us, “Arrive Fully, wherever you go, and whatever you do, do it fully.”

So, when we started to be fully immersed in what I would now proudly say is one of the best yoga teacher training in the world and the place to receive one of the top yoga certifications you could ever receive, I was completely unaware that I would find that and so much more.

Here, we learned ancient yogic techniques in Pranayama(Breathwork), Hatha, kriyas, meditation, vinyasa flow, mantras, wisdom, and freedom movements. I must say, as an active and fit individual in mind, body, and spirit, I was rocketed into a totally new and wonderful existence of living.

We worked both intensely and gracefully through all aspects of the practice which in my eyes is a direct reflection of ourselves, as we traveled through the cosmos and worked through past and present traumas and the things that no longer serve us or the community as a whole.

I discovered and experienced the absolute beauty with the inside of every last cell in my universally intelligent and wonderful being as well as within all beings within each and every magnificent present moment that we are all so fortunate to experience.

So, whether you are seeking retreat, 200 hour teacher training, 300 hour teacher training, ayurvedic treatments and food, spa treatments and an experience that will absolutely change your entire way of being, I can guarantee you will find it here in the foothills of the Himalayas at the Sattva Retreat Centre located just outside of Rishikesh, India is widely known as the birthplace of yoga.

After coming here for a couple of years now, on multiple occasions, I not only found the teacher that I had been unconsciously seeking my whole life, but I also found a community of individuals who seek the same truth within themselves.

I found that deep with inside of me the entire time was an inner light that was waiting to be awakened so that I would then be willing to selflessly shine that light upon every experience that I would be greeted with from that moment on, I found a family to love and support me in my growth and evolution, and last but not least I found a place where my spirit has always lived and to which I can always call home.

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