ADAM SCHOMER’s Spiritual Journey

ADAM SCHOMER’s Spiritual Journey


Adam is proud to be one of the initial students and teachers of Sattva Yoga in Los Angeles. He is privileged and honored to continue to lead the Sattva Monday Meditation group, which has been gathering for 5 years straight. It was after meeting Anand in India in 2007 that Adam’s 20 years of yoga and meditation experience really took flight, as Anand expertly guided him to expand and reveal a deeper capacity.

Having journeyed to India 7 times, he immerses himself in a total Sattva yoga practice that includes daring adventures, stepping into the challenges of life, and teaching yoga/meditation. In Adam’s classes, he combines his vast experiences in India, his years of high-level athletics, and his love of laughter; that which is light is easier to move. He honors the ancient wisdom, pranayama, kriya, asana and of course the practice/application in daily life. This all comes through to the students in an authentic and energizing Sattva class as well as in the award-winning documentary, The Highest Pass, that he produced and features Anand Mehrotra, himself, and a courageous group using the teachings to face death and fear of motorcycles in the Himalayas of India and over the highest road in the world. (

In 2009 Adam was the exclusive yoga instructor for the LA Galaxy pro soccer team. Adam himself is a former pro soccer player who graduated as an All-Ivy first team player from Cornell University. So, he has seen the benefits of yoga as far back as college when it helped transform him and his teammates into success.

To Adam, it feels like yoga has been present in all the adventures he has stepped into…including being a human being and simply having real feelings and experiences that we can all relate to. Often our practice is as simple as recognizing ignorance and fears and rising above them through practice. Adam is also Yoga Alliance certified, Sattva Yoga certified, and teaches meditation privately and weekly to groups. Adam is also an accomplished documentary filmmaker that continues to make media that unites through wisdom and entertainment. (

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